Following up on a breathtaking victory – Citizen Voice Newsletter – 11/4/21

From the Editor…

This week’s election is a massive rebuke to the Socialist Democrats’ attempts to bully and frighten the American public into submission. They are losing on multiple fronts, but it is imperative that we continue the fight and resist all their attempts to end our republic. Exit polls show that Hispanics, African-Americans, independents, moms and even never-Trumpers joined forces to show those intent on destroying our country that we are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore.

But instead of admitting their error and deciding to end their divisive ways, the Dems have concluded that they lost because they didn’t deliver their socialist poison fast enough, and have vowed to continue with renewed strength. It’s clear they will do anything to push their agenda, even to the point of manufacturing more crises. Will they start a war? Will they introduce a new version of COVID? Will they declare martial law and postpone the 2022 election? Anything is possible.

Our job as patriots will be to continue the fight on all fronts, and reach out to those who are beginning to see the light to form a new coalition of patriotic Americans who want peace and prosperity, along with a big dose of common sense. Their eyes are opening – we need to show them that true conservatives are not their enemies, but their allies.

Our Founder, Dennis Jamison, starts out this week with just that sentiment. In “Socialists are out of touch with America:  Wokism, Social Justice Warrior are wearing out their welcome,” he discusses the Atlanta Braves, and election laws.

One of the main areas where Americans are waking up to the plans of the Left is in their attempts to take over our schools. In “School Board Battles,” Jim Bratten quotes the communist goals for subversion of the United States, as published by Dr. Cleon Skousen in 1958, this is Number 17: “Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.”

Dru Kristenev points out that “Increasing the cost of food, fuel and shelter by design to institute universal human suffering is the focus of a perverse administration and complicit entitled Congress. From Day One, the Biden administration has made its mission to inflict pain and wretchedness among the people whom it insists voted for him in record numbers.” She suggests “Reclaiming rights of commercial traffic impeded by the feds.”

In “Say Election 2020 – Crickets. Say New World Order – Huh?” Ray DiLorenzo points out that unless we fix the unconstitutional election fraud laws, we will forever be at the mercy of those who control the voting machines.

Stephanie Mann closes this issue with “What YOU can do to stop mass shootings!” and points out the need to change our focus from restrictive gun laws to understanding the root causes of gun violence.

Additional note from our Founder…

The big news of the election is that we saw a counterrevolution in Virginia as the turning point and the victory of the GOP, not just in Virginia, but in other areas across the country. My article reports on the broader scope of what has happened. However, quite symbolic of what has been happening across the country, the Left is fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their dominions. In New Jersey, I referenced a race in which a truck driver narrowly defeated the President of the Senate in the state. However, in the CV on Tuesday, we reported an incredible David vs Goliath story, however, at the time I had reported that Conservative truck driver, Edward Durr, nearly defeated New Jersey State Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-West Deptford). However, today we learned he did win. But, we are also learning at the time of posting that Sweeney will not concede and there are some shadowy elements involved in the New Jersey elections, and it is likely that the Durr vs. Sweeney contest may have been tainted by it. 

The people need to see what is going on, and witness what is happening in front of our eyes. We need to awaken, to arise, and join together as a unified movement of people who will not let our Free Republic and Freedom as a whole die. United We Stand — Divided We Fall! It is now time to “join or die.”

Dennis Jamison

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Socialists are out of touch with America: Wokism, Social Justice Warrior are wearing out their welcome

By Dennis Jamison —-November 4, 2021

On November 2nd, several states across the nation held regular elections, and in some of them, there were sparks of hope that the evil of a Leviathan of a political criminal cabal has not taken over the nation completely. At least, there is still hope for a Free Republic to endure a bit longer.

On the evening of November 2nd, the National League Atlanta Braves won the World Series against the American Houston Astros. It was symbolic on a deeper, more cosmic level that the Atlanta ball players will bring the coveted World Series trophy to Atlanta, despite how the woke  Major League Baseball elites moved the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to “protest” the election laws that the state of Georgia had passed earlier this year…


School Board Battles

By Jim Bratten –  11/1/21

Of the communist goals for subversion of the United States, as published by Dr. Cleon Skousen in 1958, this is Number 17: Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

All this has been accomplished through an insidious partnership of the National Education Association (NEA) and American Federation of Teachers (AFT) unions with the Department of Education, to deliver nationalized education, supported by Leftist textbook authors, editors and publishers.

Early in 2020, radical school curriculums were exposed through forced “long distance learning.” Parents are now aware of the advanced indoctrination of their children into a nationally-administered groupthink. Local school boards, willing agents for the ideology infusion of K-12 kids, have become the front-line battlefields as parents try to rescue their children’s minds…


Reclaiming rights of commercial traffic impeded by the feds

By A. Dru Kristenev –November 3, 2021

Increasing the cost of food, fuel and shelter by design to institute universal human suffering is the focus of a perverse administration and complicit entitled Congress. From Day One, the Biden administration has made its mission to inflict pain and wretchedness among the people whom it insists voted for him in record numbers. The truth of that is rightfully being debated as evidence mounts supporting election misdeeds, none of which has prevented this administration from ratcheting up economic trauma.

Core to the hurt levied on Americans is the artificial restriction of energy, whether by forcing the shutdown of domestic production – killing the Keystone XL pipeline, drilling and fracking – or refusal to allow coal, natural gas and oil fueled power plants to operate (citing that emissions don’t meet spurious federal regulations). The economic backlash is felt in every commercial sector from limiting healthcare and food distribution to essentials vanishing from store shelves. Despite current reliance on outsourced merchandise there is still a production base in America that is unable to fill orders due to this administration’s energy restricting policies…


Say Election 2020 – Crickets. Say New World Order – Huh?

By  —-November 4, 2021

Election 2020 is a subject no one wants to talk about. You mention it to politicians and political pundits, you get crickets. Mention the new world order (NWO) with all its user-friendly terms like ‘sustainability’, you get a… huh? recently had a tiff with our congressman over election 2020. I simply said: “Unless we solve the problems of that election, every subsequent election will be questionable, and eventually game over.” He didn’t care for my opinion, probably because he thinks he can’t do anything about it or is part of the problem, or both. Politicians hate to be put in that position. They always want you to think they are on top of everything.

Mail-in balloting, ballot harvesting, ballot drop boxes, no ID voting, voting machines with or without modems—all or most are compliments of the Democrat Party and COVID-19, the disease that cured the flu, that created the national emergency that necessitated every voter fraud scheme they can think of…you get it. Currently, there are 16 states that do not require any ID to vote (, a veritable free-for-all. All are Democrat (blue) with one or two leaning purple. It is safe to say, all of the components that allowed the Democrats, along with their globalist and Chinese partners, to conduct the greatest election fraud in political history are still in place. All thanks to a do-nothing and cowardly Congress, state legislatures, judiciary, attorneys general, and a complicit medical and media establishment.


What YOU can do to stop mass shootings!

By Stephanie L. Mann – 10/28/2021

Everyone is horrified when another mass shooting occurs. We pray for the family, light candles, bring flowers and the community comes together to console one other. Gun violence has plagued Americans for 40 years with hundreds dead and thousands wounded. How many years will we spin our wheels with little or no progress as guns continue to be bought and sold? Should we pass new gun laws? Join a group to legislate more gun laws? Ban guns? Demonstrate against the National Rifle Association?

It should be noted that fear and social isolation fuel gun sales. Since March 2020, gun sales surged as city violence increased and police were defunded or fired due to COVID mandates. We now have more than 400,000,000 guns in circulation.

Did you know 50 years ago, schoolboys and girls brought guns to school and stacked them in a corner of their classrooms? Target practice was offered at recess. Why didn’t children turn on each other and shoot their classmates? It’s time to stop talking about symptoms and discuss root causes and what we can do as individuals. Let’s look at what made communities safe 50 years ago that prevented the proliferation of guns and gun violence.


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Podcast – From Dinesh D’Souza: THE DAY AFTER – 11/3/21 – In this episode, Dinesh assesses the stunning implications of the Virginia election, and other races and referendums.  Dinesh explores how Glenn Youngkin pulled off this magnificent upset.  Dinesh argues that this is not just about Virginia; it’s a full-scale repudiation of Biden and the Left.  What are the implications for 2022?

For Trump and the MAGA agenda? For Critical Race Theory? For the infrastructure bill?


American Minute by William J. Federer – American Minute for November 3 – In a radio address to Americans, President Calvin Coolidge urged everyone to vote, calling it “the exercise of the high office of American Citizenship.” It happened on this day in 1924.


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