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A World Gone Mad

By Ray DiLorenzo —-April 3, 2022

“If the current administration is in office much longer, canned goods, a generator, water and ammunition would be your best investments.”
Edward D. Jones, 4/20/21

There is no denying it. There is a madness, a type of cancer that has taken hold of our world. Yes, this planet has never been at peace… mankind is what it is, we go our own way, but we are seeing a craziness at a level never seen before.



Nothing is what it seems from Ukraine to Disney

By A. Dru Kristenev —-April 3, 2022

Moment by moment, media is filled with stories that are incorrect, misleading and outright lies in an attempt to manipulate public opinion. Ginning up populations to believe overseas conflicts are directly affecting their well-being at home has become a notorious game for corporatist media and social platforms.


A Slap for America?

By Charles Rein – 4/5/22

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard about Will Smith’s “SLAP” at the Academy Awards.

While some have concerns regarding it being staged … I myself wonder. “Hmmm, the comedian on the receiving end of Will Smith’s slap – Chris Rock – his comedy ticket prices have interestingly increased seemingly overnight.”

Yet as a columnist, I’d like to use THE SLAP as an analogy for Republican readers to consider.



The Slap Heard Around the World

By Stephanie Mann – 4/2/22

What motivated Will Smith to slap Chris Rock at the Academy Awards? The slap was an instantaneous reaction to a statement within the joke made by Chris Rock. Unintentionally-provoked violent behavior and verbal abuse tell us about an individual’s lack of self-awareness and self-control.

Time to address root causes of violence.

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The Grassroots Fight for Election Integrity in California

by Dennis Jamison – 4/7/21

As the politicians tramp around the nation and as they ramp up their online fundraising on social media and in the advertising realm of the multitude of media outlets, election fever is sweeping across America like an unchecked virus. In the midst of this election year, in California, a premiere grassroots effort to fight for the integrity of elections in the state has already been preparing. Election Integrity Project® California (EIPCa) is again training election observers for the upcoming election season  in California. Training newly recruited observers for the Primary Election will begin in the month of April, as the ballots will be mailed in May.


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ICYMI > From The Academy of Ideas: Fear Psychosis and the Cult of Safety – Why are People so Afraid? – 4/2/22


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Uncommon Knowledge (w/ video): Are We Dumb About Intelligence? Amy Zegart On The Capabilities Of American Intel Gathering | Hoover Institution – 3/30/22

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What affects one, can affect all!

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From The People’s Convoy: The People’s Convoy PM Driver Meeting- Las Cruces, NM – 4-6-22

From Bannon’s War Room: Episode 1,759 – The Most Toxic Vote In Living Memory – The Confirmation Of Judge Jackson -AZ, NV, AK – 4/5/22

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From Washington Examiner: Tennessee law would allow over-the-counter sale of ivermectin | Washington Examiner – 4/7/22

News From Washington D.C –

From The Federalist: Federal Judge Finds J6 Defendant Not Guilty, Nuking DOJ Charges That Walking Through An Open Door Is A Crime – 4/6/22                               


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