Honoring our Vets and their Service, Parent’s Taking Action, Questions about the CDC, and Concerns about our Elections – Citizen Voice Newsletter 11/11/21

Honoring our Vets and their Service, Parent’s Taking Action, Questions about the CDC, and Concerns about our Elections – Citizen Voice Newsletter 11/11/21

From Our Founder…

Today, American citizens who care are celebrating Veteran’s Day, and Citizen Voice offered a salute to our veterans on Sunday in many of the features we offered. So, in case you missed that edition, readers can go here.  

Since today is Veteran’s Day, we are also dedicating many of our links to videos and articles to our veterans. We have an article submitted from one of our allies, the folks at Camp Constitution, that was written by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum. He provides an overview of Veteran’s Day and shares parts of a message from a decorated veteran of combat tours in the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan, Lieutenant Colonel Bobby Brookshire. His words may have more weight, due to his service, than the ones I share in my article: “To Honor our Veterans is to Honor Freedom Itself.” I believe every word and I offer our edition on this day to call all Americans to honor our veterans, not only today, but whenever they have the opportunity.

…from the Editor

On this sacred day, our citizenry is beginning to unite in respect for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for Country, Honor and our people. When we see such devotion, we can’t help but compare it to the moral depravity, evil, and incompetence displayed by our so-called leadership in the White House, the Congress, and even our highest courts.

Larry Sand continues this week’s Thursday edition with an uplifting article “The Sandstorm: The Year of the Parent,” as parents of all stripes and colors have begun to fight back against Communist/Marxist/Progressive efforts to pollute the minds of our children, force them to wear masks, and then inject them for a disease that doesn’t harm them, with a drug that causes severe and deadly side effects. No wonder they’re “fighting mad.”

Another cause for great concern is the corruption of our most trusted institutions. Jack Gleason heaps praise on the Center for Disease Control, and its ongoing mission to keep Americans safe from disease, pollution and toxins, but asks why the CDC has done nothing to protect us from the “vaccines.” The article is “Conservative Writer’s Praise for CDC “Exemplary Action” Leads to Three Questions.”

 We close with a cautionary article from Ray DiLorenzo, who looks at the euphoria from the November 3rd election victories and warns “Happy About the Election? Not So Fast.”

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To Honor our Veterans is to Honor Freedom Itself

By  — November 11, 2021

Today is “Veteran’s Day,” and it arrives this year at a time in which our nation is sorely divided from within, and at a time in which the United States military is being divided from within. Truly, it is a tragic and a seriously dangerous situation. Unfortunately, the American merrymakers and naïve nitwits, viewed by many common people throughout the world as wealthy, self-indulgent fools, may be so self-absorbed in their well-insulated, cocoon-like existence, or their self-secured social bubbles, that they may have no sense of what is happening in our nation right now. Yet, this day is not about them. However, the day to honor our veterans is accompanied by a stench of corruption from our civilian ‘leaders.’

The focus of this day should be on the Veterans; the focus needs to be in honoring those who have helped to pass the torch of freedom forward, so all Americans could enjoy the fruits of Freedom. Veteran’s Day is special, and it needs to remain special. Millions of ordinary men and women could become heroes in small and insignificant ways, or in ways they could not imagine, when they put on the uniform of their nation. Sadly, since the moment the idea of this great nation was conceived, American men and women were compelled to action, to fight for freedom. It is in our national DNA. It has been demonstrated each time ordinary people have answered the call to action, again and again, to help in the fight for Freedom itself.


Veterans Day 2021 by Dr. Dan Eichenbaum

This article is from our friend Dr. Dan Eichenbaum:

The history of a nation is its National Treasure that must be remembered, studied, respected, and, most importantly, taught to the children of each generation.  It is a unique saga that binds us to the heroes of the past, teaches us the moral basis for our laws and our governmental institutions, and instructs us how to approach the challenges of the future.  It allows us to celebrate our successes with pride and learn from our failures so we can avoid repeating previous mistakes.

As an example, the Old Testament, the Five Books of Moses, is the story of the Children of Israel’s journey from Genesis to the Promised Land.  It originated as an oral history, eventually written down by scribes on holy scrolls.  Each Sabbath, a portion was read aloud to the people so that their entire history was taught to all each year.  The recitation of that history bound the Children of Israel together so that they could survive centuries of oppression and the Holocaust to return to the Promised Land in our time.

In our digital age, recording history is not the issue.  Anyone with a cellphone camera can be a reporter at the scene of the crime.  One would think that live videos could be accepted as fact, but the digital wizards have also given us the tools to edit and amend videos to bend the truth to fit anyone’s personal agenda…


The Sandstorm: The Year of the Parent

NOVEMBER 3, 2021

Battle lines have been drawn, the war is on, and the great parent awakening of 2021 will have permanent consequences.

Back in the 1950s and early 1960s, my parents could send me off to school and assume I would be taught by people who shared their values. Those days are long gone, however. To be sure, most educators today work hard, and do their best to give kids a balanced education. But there are too many who don’t, and parents are rightfully worried. In fact, according to a Fox News survey, 80 percent of parents are “extremely” or “very” concerned about what our public schools are teaching. Whether it is the sexualization of six-year-olds, white kids being told they are oppressors, or children being forced to chant Aztec prayers, many parents are fed up. A few recent examples:

In Broward County, Florida, a teacher took her elementary school students to a gay bar as a way to learn about the homosexual community. In eastern Kentucky, students gave lap dances to the staff as part of Hazard High School’s homecoming week festivities. In Loudoun County, Virginia, a high school boy wearing a dress has been accused of raping a girl in the women’s bathroom, the second time he has been accused…


Conservative Writer’s Praise for CDC “Exemplary Action” Leads to Three Questions

By Jack Gleason —November 11, 2021

…The hard-working doctors, researchers and investigators at the CDC should be commended for their efforts to track down all possible threats to American’s health, no matter how small.  Their website states, “As the nation’s health protection agency, CDC saves lives and protects people from health, safety, and security threats.”

This begs the question, “If the CDC can detect a rare bacteria that has sickened just four people and killed two, has tracked bad onions to Chihuahua, Mexico, and has issued an alert about salami sticks and bagged lettuce, just on the suspicion they may be tainted, why haven’t we heard a peep about an injection in worldwide use that is linked to the deaths of hundreds, if not thousands of people?”

Wouldn’t they be tracking vaccine side effects by manufacturer and lot number to see if some vials were tainted?  Wouldn’t they be interviewing possible victims and their families?


Happy About the Election? Not So Fast

By  –November 6, 2021

I know Election 2021 looked good. I know that many pundits are saying America is back, the lights have been turned on. But, not so fast! We are at war, and in a war, you don’t relax or drop your guard. You count a battle won, but continue the war. Even apparent ‘victories’ need to be examined.

Election fraud is still with us. As The American Spectator says ‘Election Fraud is Alive and Well in 2021’. There is still a mass amount of mail-in voting, the perfect voter-fraud tool. We still have early voting, ballot harvesting, voting machines with modems that can communicate with the outside, a massive voter ID problem, and a decidedly left political party that has no plan to come to Jesus.

The media also will not accept reality concerning voter fraud. They downplay it at every turn, i.e., ‘Fraud is extremely rare, but an Illinois man was charged with felony election fraud, yada, yada.’ Sixteen states do not require ID to vote. An additional 15 states request an ID, but do not require a photo…


Onward and Upward!               

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Podcast From Dinesh D’Souza: FALLING APART – 11/11/21 – In this episode, Dinesh reveals some unpleasant truths about the Antifa thugs who went after Kyle Rittenhouse, and some grim realities about our justice system that should form the basis of our political calculations going forward. Dinesh excoriates leftist judges who are using the January 6 trials as a battering ram for state reprisals against political dissidents.  


American Minute by William J. FedererAmerican Minute for November 11On this day in 1918, World War I ended.  Originally called Armistice Day, it was changed to Veterans Day after World War II.


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What affects one, can affect all!                      

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