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Aiming For The Iceberg

By Ray DiLorenzo —-July 10, 2022

Whether by incompetence or design, it’s plain that the Democrats are steering the ship-of-state toward an iceberg.

What do you do when your own government begins to tear the country apart? What do you do when they take the greatest nation on earth, extraordinary in all of history, and decide to break the civic and social contract it made with its people 246 years ago?

What do you do when this government creates crises as a national pastime?


Violent Challenge To Japan’s Democracy Failed —Ambitions of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Live On

By Judi McLeod —-July 11, 2022

What Japan’s longest serving Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, couldn’t achieve in life, he achieved in death after his Friday assassination.

Just days after a bullet took him down during a campaign speech, the Japanese people gave life to the beloved former prime minister’s dream in the results of an epic election by giving Kishida Fumio ‘the opportunity to cement the legacy of the man he replaced”.

You won’t read about this in the mainstream media, but you can read about it at The Conservative Treehouse:


Lawless and Depraved – The Purge of our Military Continues

By Jim Bratten – 7/11/22

What began during the Obama Regime, the purge of faith and patriotism from the United States Armed Forces, is growing.

From recruits who have been educated in government school systems to hate their country of birth, or their adopted home, as an unredeemable, racist nation of white supremacists to illegal vaccine mandates that violate religious beliefs … problems forced upon our military are multiplying and becoming more critical in the maintenance of our sovereignty and survival. And the advent of “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion” (DEI) has further exacerbated a military disintegration to crisis levels.

Some details of the severity of the situation for religious personnel in our military was noted by Liberty Counsel on July 6. An adaptation follows …



Our Ed School Slums

by Larry Sand – July 12, 2022

Many American schools of education are not worthy of existing.

On June 29, the California Department of Education, in cooperation with the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the State Board of Education, announced the first-ever release of statewide teacher assignment data. The report revealed that as of the 2020-21 school year, “83.1 percent of teacher assignments are clear, meaning the class or course is taught by a teacher who has a credential and is fully authorized to teach the course.” The remainder of the classroom positions are filled by teachers who have not completed their training, have an emergency permit, hold a credential, but are teaching outside their credentialed area, etc. There could be even fewer “clear” teachers in 2021-22, due to the ramifications of Covid. Interestingly, the report informs us that if an instructor holds only an emergency teaching permit, is teaching outside their credentialed area without state authorization – known as a mis-assignment – or possesses no credential, permit or authorization to teach in California. the assignment is considered “ineffective.”

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We Are Becoming A Free People Once Again

By Michael James Lewinski – 07/07/22

With the most recent decisions by the Supreme Court, we are once again adhering to the Republican form of government which the Founders wisely choose for us. In the matters of Abortion, religious liberty, gun rights, and federal regulations the court applied some common sense to them.

In the Dobbs case, the court said there are no privacy issues in the Constitution, and handed the decision regarding abortion back to the states where it belongs. Paraphrase they will also recognize that marriage is an institution between a union of a man and a woman. We can only pray that traditional marriage is restored.

In the restoration of our religious liberty, the Supreme Court restored the First Amendment “free-exercise”, clause which grants a degree of friendliness towards religion and its adherents in the Carson v Makin case. They ruled that the state was discriminating by not allowing them to receive funding that public schools were recieving.


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What affects one, can affect all!

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