Democrats Squeak to Victory in November Election

“The tremendous economic progress we have all experienced in the past two years has come to a screeching halt with the takeover of the House of Representatives by the Democrats…”

That’s the scary headline and opening text that could easily appear in your local newspaper the day after next month’s election. That’s all it will take, a few votes here, a few votes there and we lose. It does not matter that unemployment is at an all time low;  job growth at an all time high;  the improved North American trade agreement is now in place; the Korean peace accords are coming together; continuing tax reform is boosting economic growth.

With Democrat control, all of this will go away.

Remember spending bills are generated in the House.

MORE THAN EVER, your local Republican vote matters,  especially in this election cycle. It does not matter if you are a Pro-Trumper or a Never-Trumper, none of us have experienced the positive change we have seen since this man was elected.  All positive change will come to an abrupt halt if we lose the House.  FACT –  Republican turn out WILL DETERMINE THE MAKE-UP OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES.

Don’t assume anything you read in the press. We need to GET OUT THE REPUBLICAN VOTE!

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