2nd Amendment and Crime

Gun rights are a part of our Hoosier and American heritage and are protected by the Constitution. I am pro-2nd Amendment and will stand in the way of those who attempt to take away our God-given rights to self-defense. I am aware of the habit of liberal Democrats to politicize every tragedy to push their gun control agenda. It is liberal Democrats that control our cities where violence is greatest. It is liberal Democrats (and some clueless Republicans) that are soft on crime, appoint liberal judges, catch and release criminals, and allow illegal aliens to enter the country including drug dealers, gang members, and murderers such as the illegal alien that killed Kate Steinle in San Francisco. Liberals create “sanctuary” cities that defy federal law and refuse to cooperate with ICE that lead to tragedies like the murder of Kate Steinle and other brutal crimes. Many are more concerned with criminal rights than the rights of the victims of crime. They oppose the death penalty and smear and attack our police who defend us from criminals. Guns in the hands of law abiding Americans prevents crime and saves lives. Be assured that I will resist all efforts to take guns out of the hands of law-abiding citizens and will defend the 2nd amendment. I will fight to make sure that violent criminals stay in jail and are not allowed into the country.

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