Blue Collar Conservatism: In Defense of Working Americans

Working Americans, men and women, of all races and ethnicities, are under attack in this country. They have been abandoned by the Democrat Party, formerly the party of the “working man” and foolishly ignored by Republicans. Working Americans, many of them patriotic churchgoers and gun owners, people of faith and family with traditional values, many of them previously traditional Democrats, have watched in amazement and despair as the Democrat Party (and clueless Republicans) attack their core cultural and religious values. They have been cast aside in favor of unrestricted waves of unassimilated immigrants who take their jobs and lower their wages. They have seen their communities over run by immigrants who burden their schools, hospitals, law enforcement, prisons, criminal justice, hi-way safety, and social welfare systems. They have watched radical environmentalists and the EPA attack their livelihoods in their war on fossil fuels and capitalism. We will defend working Americans. We will fight for their jobs, their schools, their values, and their way of life.

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