James Harrison

James (JR) Harrison is a husband, father, veteran, business owner, and author of the soon to be published book “Roman’s II” which draws eerie parallels between the former Roman Empire and what is happening in America today. “History”, as James correctly notes in his book, ” . . . is the story of families, the stronger the family the greater the journey“.

James  is co-founder of Minutemen United, a board member of Our First Right  and National Director of the Natural Family Foundation whose mission is to restore the family to its proper content, structure and place in today’s’ America.

In his spare time he also produces, writes, directs and co-hosts “Last Call” a “Christian talk radio program with a sting” which is broadcast live every Saturday morning from 10:00 am Eastern till noonJames  would love to hear from you and  can be reached at JR@NaturalFamilyStrong.com or by phone at 614-918-8228.

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