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Our country, and the entire world, is in crisis. We need to know who’s behind this in order to know how to fight back. Ray DiLorenzo starts of this week’s newsletter with a history lesson on the origins of the Globalist movement that threatens to take all our freedoms in “The Right Major Crisis Is Here.”

Another player in the game is China. Jim Bratten, in “Facing the China Threat,” explains how China is consistently outperforming the U.S. in weapons advancements.

Another threat is occurring in our schools. Our children are suffering badly from teachers’ unions bent on controlling all aspects of our kids’ lives. Stephanie Mann says “Empower Kids: More Important than School!”

Dr. Richard Moss continues with “Against Masking Our Children: My Experience With A Local School Board.”

Michael Lewinski finishes the week and suggests “It’s Time to Free Ourselves from the Tyrants.” He proposes a rather drastic solution.

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The Right Major Crisis Is Here

By Ray DiLorenzo —–November 13, 2021

When a group of nefarious people (a globalist cabal) develop big plans and need the right major crisis to begin implementation, they create one. And create they did. But, no one wants to talk about it in the mainstream media or government. They would rather laugh and dismiss it as conspiracy. Why? Because they are all part of it. They want you to believe everything is normal with only a few temporary setbacks on the way to ‘building back better’, while they secretly remove the foundations upon which our country rests.

Americans are now feeling apprehensive. They can feel something vile is in the air, but still can’t put their collective fingers on it. The mood is one of anxiety and distress. The labor force, despite lies from D.C., is down significantly. People have been forced to leave their jobs or succumb to taking vaccines deadlier than the disease itself. All because of a virus marginally more dangerous than the flu. By the way, what happened to the flu?

There are still those who will drive onto a bridge even while it is collapsing into a river. They cannot process quickly enough the relationship of what they see to their immediate future. Even if some can process it, they refuse to believe it and plunge into the river. More and more people are, never-the-less, beginning to realize that this economy and political direction is not the normal ebb and flow. We have a one-party rule controlling the Executive Branch, Congress, even apparently the Supreme Court, probably through blackmail. They’re censoring speech, ignoring law and what is left of the courts, dividing citizens, controlling the media narrative…


Facing the China Threat

By Jim Bratten – 11/15/21

AXIOS ran this headline November 3: “Pentagon sharply raises estimate of China’s nuclear expansion,” reporting that “China is rapidly accelerating the expansion of its nuclear stockpile and is likely seeking to quadruple its number of nuclear warheads by 2030.” The Pentagon’s report to Congress further states that “China may have up to 700 deliverable warheads by 2027 and 1,000 by 2030 – a sharp revision upward from last year, when the U.S. estimated China’s stockpile would double from the low 200s over the next decade.”

It’s nice that the “Pentagon report” discovered this; the DOD and the CIA completely missed it. Instead of finding out exactly what the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was up to, our national security complex ignored the threat from Communist China to focus on “wokeness” in our military ranks and to train military leadership in the finer points of recognizing “white supremacy” and “extremism” in the branches of our armed forces. Social justice through “diversity, equity, and inclusion” concerned them more than a competent military strategy to counter an expansionist Red China.

The CCP also caught our intelligence agencies off guard when they successfully tested a hypersonic weapon recently…


Empower Kids: More Important than School!

By Stephanie L. Mann – 11/10/21

Of course, children must learn to read and write, but that should not be a parent’s only priority. Young children need to know how to stay emotionally “centered” and how to live by their self-protective conscience  –  to stay safe on a computer, an iPhone, at home, at school, and in their neighborhood. When adults take time to guide children, they will make good choices and will not become self-destructive.

Within the first six months of 2021, the Children’s Hospital Association reported a “shocking” 45 percent increase nationwide in the number of self-injury and suicide cases in five- to 17-year-olds compared to the same period in 2019.  We must discuss the inner power within each child.

If children don’t feel strong and confident, they will struggle in school and may become victims or bullies. They may escape into drugs, become angry or violent or just follow the crowd.


Against Masking Our Children: My Experience With A Local School Board

By Richard Moss MD – 11/2/2021

“Fifteen days to flatten the curve,” the first of many COVID lies, has become nineteen months to flatten the country.  Indeed, the collateral damage from the lockdowns and other devastations visited upon us by the regime have far exceeded the costs of the COVID virus itself. But in a largely secular nation, many of our countrymen have found a new religion, the religion of COVID.  Like all religions, it has its sacraments.  The COVID sacraments include the vaccine and the mask and the docile worship of Anthony Fauci, the Grand Mufti of the Public Health establishment.

Masking in general is an abomination, but masking schoolchildren is particularly egregious.  Given the ideologic challenges at the federal and, often, state level, it is at the local level where we may be most successful at exerting influence regarding COVID policies.  It is through such grassroots activism that we may preserve our rapidly deteriorating nation or, at least, create safe zones or “sanctuaries.”  In the wake of the turmoil surrounding the Loudoun County (Virginia) school board and elsewhere, I, thus, share my experience with my local school board on the matter of masks.

I presented my case against masking schoolchildren before the school board on three occasions…


It’s Time to Free Ourselves from the Tyrants

By Michael J. Lewinski 10/28/21

Shortly after Obama was elected, I wrote an essay that suggested that the people in the free states form a union and declare themselves the Free United States of America. Now is the time to succeed from this country and form the FUSA. With the tyranny emanating from D.C., the West coast, New York, Massachusetts, Illinois and a few other states, it’s time for a divorce. The Progressives that live in the free states can move out and the freedom lovers that live in the Progressive states can move to Texas, Florida, Indiana, or any other free state they choose.

In the unfree states they probably would have a population of 33,000,000 and the FUSA population would be around 295,000,000 people. Why should a tiny minority of tyrants impose their will on us? It’s time to take action and rid ourselves from those who hate freedom.



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