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‘Ministry of Truth’ – 2022 Is 1984

By Jim Bratten – 5/16/22

The Biden Regime’s latest effort to silence Conservative voices and promote their own disinformation campaign took form on April 27 as the “Disinformation Governance Board,” within Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS), allegedly to “fight disinformation.” In official language, its purpose is to “coordinate countering misinformation related to homeland security, focused specifically on irregular migration and Russia.” In other words, to censor any communication that contradicts the “party line” on those issues. Except that’s not true. Every topic or issue that generates disagreement from the Biden agenda is fair game for censorship…



One Saturday Afternoon

By Charles Rein – 5/17/22

With the Buffalo shooting this past Saturday, in my eyes, the media has been transformed into stray, unkempt street dogs pursuing a juicy bone. They are behaving like salivating animals, filled with unending hunger. Many journalists and commentators are out to portray this shooter in the most simplistic narrative possible. In doing so they see themselves as “sounding the alarm” over what the talking heads see as a straightforward black versus white or a white supremacist issue…


Mass Shooting: Freedom to choose, chaos or peace!

By Stephanie L. Mann , May 15, 2022

The tragic shooting in Buffalo, NY, leaves ten dead at the hands of an 18-year-old young man. Politicians state, “We must pass more laws to get guns off the streets to keep communities safe.” For years, “experts” assumed guns were the problem. Guns are one piece of the puzzle. We must ask the question, why are so many Americans violent toward each other, the police, and within our cities?..



Democrats laying out the devil’s footprints

By Judi McLeod —-May 15, 2022

If this were still Joe Biden’s ominous, oft-repeated “dark winter” of death, we’d be able to see the devil’s hoof prints left behind in the snow, a telltale reminder of his evil unrelenting presence in our daily lives. But it’s a spring that already feels like summer with budding green buds on trees making winter seem so far behind.

No one thinks of Satan, or what his Democrat minions have in mind when they’re firing up the barbecue or watching happy kids jumping joyously into the backyard pool…

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The Biden Presidency Is Over

By Ray DiLorenzo —-May 15, 2022

Throughout history we see countries go the way of dictatorships with autocrats and their cronies forever promising a better life for their people. It never happens.

Dictatorships akin to Communist, Fascist, Socialist, and Monarchial countries are largely a means to an end…a way for a criminal organization to take control of an entire nation for the purpose of enriching themselves with money and power and using force by way of its military to stay in power.  Really no different in principle than a Chicago crime mob of the early 20th century…


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