Mid-Term Toss-up States List

If your state and district is on this list, it’s ESSENTIAL that you vote on November 6th!

Many of you can still register to vote, vote early, or vote absentee. MyFaithVotes.org is an excellent Christian organization that has compiled a simple set of tools to help you, your family and friends navigate through the voting process. Just visit https://www.myfaithvotes.org/voting-assistance-center/ to get started.If you can win just half of your local districts you may be responsible for keeping the House in Republican hands.

District Current Office-Holder
Alaska’s at-large   Don Young
Arkansas’ 2nd   French Hill
Arizona’s 1st   Tom O’Halleran
Arizona’s 2nd   Martha McSally
California’s 8th   Paul Cook
California’s 10th   Jeff Denham
California’s 16th   Jim Costa
California’s 22nd   Devin Nunes
California’s 25th   Stephen Knight
California’s 39th   Edward Royce
California’s 45th   Mimi Walters
California’s 48th   Dana Rohrabacher
California’s 49th   Darrell Issa
California’s 50th   Duncan Hunter
Colorado’s 6th   Mike Coffman
Florida’s 16th   Vern Buchanan
Florida’s 18th   Brian Mast
Florida’s 25th   Mario Diaz-Balart
Florida’s 26th   Carlos Curbelo
Florida’s 27th   Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
Georgia’s 6th   Karen Handel
Georgia’s 7th   Rob Woodall
Illinois’ 6th   Peter Roskam
Illinois’ 12th   Mike Bost
Illinois’ 13th   Rodney Davis
Illinois’ 14th   Randy Hultgren
Iowa’s 1st   Rod Blum
Iowa’s 3rd   David Young
Kansas’ 2nd   Lynn Jenkins
Kansas’ 3rd   Kevin Yoder
Kentucky’s 6th   Andy Barr
Maine’s 2nd   Bruce Poliquin
Michigan’s 8th   Mike Bishop
Michigan’s 11th   David Trott
Minnesota’s 1st   Tim Walz
Minnesota’s 2nd   Jason Lewis
Minnesota’s 3rd   Erik Paulsen
Minnesota’s 8th   Rick Nolan
Montana’s at-large   Greg Gianforte
Nebraska’s 2nd   Don Bacon
Nevada’s 3rd   Jacky Rosen
Nevada’s 4th   Ruben Kihuen
New Hampshire’s 1st   Carol Shea-Porter
New Jersey’s 2nd   Frank LoBiondo
New Jersey’s 3rd   Tom MacArthur
New Jersey’s 7th   Leonard Lance
New Jersey’s 11th   Rodney Frelinghuysen
New Mexico’s 2nd   Steve Pearce
New York’s 11th   Dan Donovan
New York’s 19th   John Faso
New York’s 22nd   Claudia Tenney
New York’s 27th   Chris Collins
North Carolina’s 2nd   George Holding
North Carolina’s 9th   Robert Pittenger
North Carolina’s 13th   Ted Budd
Ohio’s 1st   Steve Chabot
Ohio’s 7th   Bob Gibbs
Ohio’s 12th   Troy Balderson
Pennsylvania’s 1st   Brian Fitzpatrick
Pennsylvania’s 5th   Vacant
Pennsylvania’s 6th   Ryan Costello
Pennsylvania’s 7th   Vacant
Pennsylvania’s 14th   Conor Lamb
Pennsylvania’s 17th   Keith Rothfus
South Carolina’s 1st   Mark Sanford
Texas’ 7th   John Culberson
Texas’ 23rd   Will Hurd
Texas’ 32nd   Pete Sessions
Utah’s 4th   Mia Love
Virginia’s 2nd   Scott Taylor
Virginia’s 5th   Thomas Garrett
Virginia’s 7th   David Brat
Virginia’s 10th   Barbara Comstock
Washington’s 3rd   Jaime Herrera Beutler
Washington’s 5th   Cathy McMorris Rodgers
Washington’s 8th   Dave Reichert
Washington’s 9th   Adam Smith
West Virginia’s 3rd   Evan Jenkins
Wisconsin’s 1st   Paul Ryan
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