Citizen Sentinels October Issue: Pray, Vote, Huckabee on Media Bias, Our Future

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October 23, 2018 Important October Round-Up Issue 

Hello Fellow American,

The Citizen Sentinels Network is dedicated to continuing Dr. Ben Carson’s educational and transformational focus during his 2016 campaign. He held to his Christian beliefs and stood firm on the fundamental principles at the basis of American government.

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As you may know, historically in mid-term elections voter turnout is much lower than in the preceding presidential election and the political party that won in the presidential election is often the party that loses the most congressional seats.

Christians, conservatives, and Constitutional patriots in 2018 are dedicated to reversing these trends.

In order to change history, it is “We the People” who are required to act to make a difference. With less than two weeks remaining before Election Day, the Citizen Sentinels are offering you an opportunity to make a positive difference in 2018. We are calling upon all citizens who have not voted in past elections, for whatever reason, to honestly share their frustrations via video as to why they have not voted in the past.

There are millions of Christians, as well as citizens of other faiths, who have chosen not to exercise their right to vote. There may be many legitimate reasons: apathy, anger, disgust, fear, or even a sense of helplessness, may block their paths to the voting booth.

But, consider the alternative: in the future there may not be the choice of voting, or choices in voting, if enough Americans do not vote in the present.

We want to hear from American Christians who have awakened to the need to get involved and vote – ministers, pastors, and everyday Americans.

Christians can share their stories about how they decided to stop sitting on the sidelines and overcame their concerns about voting.

We have created a page where people can send their videos of their determination to take responsibility to vote in 2018. We will use the hashtag #WePrayWeVOtE as the way to share these messages on social media.

In this Issue…

How to Respond to Media Bias

By Gov. Mike Huckabee

The massive political divide we are experiencing in our country today is more than just about which side has the majority. Previously, politics didn’t isolate neighbors, drive wedges between friends, fuel bitterness between family members, and ignite hate and anger in otherwise peaceful people. Perhaps more than any other contributing factor, extreme media bias is darkening this chapter in America’s history by shaping and twisting narratives into conformity with secular worldviews.

To Vote or Not to Vote in 2018: A Defense of the Freedom to Vote

By Dennis Jamison

The midterm elections in 2018 are not just another set of national elections in the long stream of midterm elections down through America’s history. Citizens of the United States are still standing at a crossroads in the nation’s history because freedom is still being threatened. However, such a serious threat may not easily appear to most people who have become utterly disgusted with politics in the new millennium. Yet since 9/11, politics has become a dominant aspect of the lives of American citizens. There is no turning away in disgust with the option that things will get better. Current events in 2018 prove otherwise.

Updated 2018 Candidates Prayer List

The upcoming general election may be one of the most important in our nation’s history. Will we stay on course to improve our economy for all Americans and protect our freedom of speech and religion? Or will we let apathy win and give our country over to those would restrict those freedoms?

This list was compiled for our continued prayer as penned in II Chronicles 7:14, asking God to heal our land. This can be used as a guide for you to investigate each candidate and determine if they support our Christian values.

For information on early and absentee voting in your State and District, go to

PRAY – Research – Vote – PRAY SOME MORE!

“Democracy Is In A Fragile State” – An Answer to Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic Monthly

By Kathleen Hall

Your opening statement, “Amid assaults against the press… democracy is in a fragile state,” says it all. Original article by Jeffrey Goldberg.

If democracy is in a fragile state, and it is, it is because you and our “Free Press,” as a whole, have used the blessing of free speech as a weapon against half the citizens of the United States who rejected the corrupt and lawless behavior of the far Left takeover of the Democratic party. You threaten our democracy with no thought that your success may transform the best country ever into one where fear, hopelessness and tyranny rule the day. Once freedom is lost, it cannot be restored.

Trapped in California

By Karen Hagestad Cacy

Face it, Progressives: San Francisco’s homeless crisis has become the formerly stunning ‘City- on-the-Bay’s’ poop crisis. Yet the leadership persists in looking the other way. They just called for “Free Healthcare for Illegals.” And the many homeless vets in need of such care? Not on their radar. The California economy is the size of Italy’s, but the state’s broke.

It’s a great time to increase spending on its non-citizens.

Personalizing Your News

By Suzanne Cruz

One of the recent trending features of the smartphone is the ability to “personalize” your news. Here is how it works, if you like MSNBC, you can make sure that first thing in the morning, that is what you see, one side of the story.

All news outlets had created their own “echo chambers” by only interviewing people, and reading polls with which supported the narrative, “Hillary will win”. These “news outlets” did a great disservice to the public as well as to themselves by not seeking the whole story.

The Citizen Sentinels Network is carrying on this effort of education and advocacy for the ideals, principles, and values embedded within America’s founding documents, especially within the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. Citizen Sentinels Network affirms the biblical basis of the Bill of Rights and the fundamental Judeo-Christian values at the heart of America’s exceptional ascendancy in the community of nations.

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