Voting absentee? Don’t forget!

By Jason Yates – My Faith Votes

Don’t vote absent this election cycle—vote absentee!

If you are not able to make it to the polls on November 6th, make sure you turn in your absentee ballot!

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to let our faith influence our culture.

Voting isn’t just about you or me—it’s about others.

VOTE for Americans who don’t have a voice but will be impacted by the choices we make in this election:

  • The unborn who in some states can still be aborted—literally DAYS before their inaugural birthdays.
  • The next generation of young people – your children and grandchildren – who will grow up in the America we vote for this November.

If you value your freedom of speech, religion and all rights uniquely American, commit to voting today.

This November election, don’t waste your opportunity to protect life and care for those in your community and our nation through your vote. Take some time to prepare—and then fill out your absentee ballot.

Pray fervently for God’s wisdom.

Think about the issues from a Biblical perspective.

Then VOTE for the protection and advancement of biblical values in our great country!

And when you do, you join millions of Christians across the country standing united for Christian principles.

United. We Stand.

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