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12/2 – The 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Alaska this past Friday, with a multitude of shock waves was indeed horrible for those whom it has harmfully affected. Yet, it seems to be a manifestation of internal realities of events transpiring in America right now. Specifically, the outcome of the midterm elections seem to still send shock waves throughout the nation, just like the Alaskan quake. While many Americans still have difficulty dealing with the outcome of the 2018 elections, lessons are waiting to be learned, pieces needing to be re-assembled and put back in order once again. American citizens have much more to worry about right now than hurricanes, forest fires, and earthquakes. Americans need to be aware of a greater crisis that threatens our entire nation. A major political group has decided that their interpretation of reality is what is best for the American people, and it is likely that the greatest earthquake is yet to come. There is still time for American citizens to awaken, to educate themselves, and to take appropriate action according to their God given abilities and talents.

The Citizen Sentinels are still concerned about voter fraud. Please help us track this and expose it. If you have first-hand knowledge, or accurate stories or videos about voter fraud, please send them to us at info@citizensentinelsnetwork.com.

Dennis Jamison, Founder, Citizen Sentinels Network

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Republics Versus Democracies

by Keith Broaders on November 6, 2018

In a Republic, the political power is vested in the hands of Representatives of the people,, while in a straight Democracy, the political power is vested in the hands of the ignorant and uniformed masses.

In a democracy, political decisions are determined by the will of the majority, while in a republic, the people are governed by the rule of law.

In a republic people have rights and responsibilities, while in a democracy people in certain groups are granted privileges and immunities.

In a republic, the rights of the individual are secure, while in a democracy, the people only have privileges that can given and/or taken away.

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Democrat Lawlessness Undermines Elections

by Dennis Jamison

The 2018 Midterm results have revealed a deeper crisis in America that threatens the fabric of our nation. The integrity of our electoral process is now in question. There are political candidates and leaders from both major political parties who are willing and able to subvert the vote in any number of ways. However, there is a powerful perception that the leaders of the Democrats are more often guilty than those of the GOP with regard to the mutilation of truth, the capacity to cheat (even their own members), and the propensity to steal from the American people. This is blatant lawlessness.

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Americanism Starts with Belief in a Creator Endowing Us with Inalienable Rights

by Pastor Earl Wallace

If that sounds religious, it is because the concepts come primarily from understanding how the Bible applies both to people’s personal and civic lives.

America was founded upon the application of the Bible to civics. There are Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights of the Constitution of the United States contains ten amendments. Each amendment of the Bill of Rights is designed to compel people in government to treat “We-the-People” according to the Ten Commandments. The Declaration of Independence says God, our Creator, endows each of us with unalienable rights.

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Trump’s Sward of Damocles hanging above the Resolute desk

by Karen Hagestad Cacy Nov 30, 2018

COLORADO SPRINGS: In politics, the phrase, “Sward of Damocles” hanging over someone’s head conjures threat, danger, and unrest for the recipient. “Never Trumpers,” the “Washington elite,” Fake News purveyors, do-nothing Rhinos (Republicans in name only,) socialists, world leaders, and Indpendent Prosecutor, Robert Mueller, with his merry group of angry Democrats, have salivated over the specter of a Sward of Damocles precariously hanging over President Trump’s head.

With the prosecutor wielding his sword, sifting through the fine print of all things ‘Trump,’ his Deep State followers anxiously await “The Big Day.” On that day, their nemesis, the president will be frog-marched out of Washington, their “Sward of Damocles” has fallen and saved the kingdom.

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Virtuous Leadership in America

By Phil Robertson

Simply put, America has fallen for the lie that biblical virtues are outdated.

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