CSN Newsletter 5/21/2020 – Taking Back Our Freedom

CSN Newsletter 5/21/2020 – Taking Back Our Freedom

From Our Founder…

5/21/20 – Tuesday’s issue had several articles on the battle over religious liberty, and Americans need to realize that if the freedom of religion is destroyed in America, it is the freedom of one’s conscience that is being lost. One will not have the right to believe in a set of religious values, let alone the right not to believe in religion because the state will intimidate the population into what they are allowed to believe or not to believe. This already being observed through the insidious concept of political correctness. Although many people may not be aware of it, “groupthink” is current reality. Just look around at the zombies who are brainwashed every day — day after day by the mainstream media. They seem to have lost the capability to think for themselves. 

This issue of religious freedom is a central issue of the day. Many Americans get it; many are only now realizing what is at stake. George Washington in his Farewell Address emphasized that a society and government like ours had to rely on two pillars of internal strength: morality and religion. And, he said that there cannot be morality without religion. This is our predicament in America today. The immorality has mushroomed. No one can deny that except morons.

In a few editions back, we featured a video interview that Director Jason Yates of MyFaithVotes had with former Gov. Mike Huckabee. It was very enlightening, and Mike was totally on target when he started that “We’ve got to get people moving back out doing their routine, going to church, for example. And we can’t have people saying that you can go to a drive-in liquor store but you can’t do a drive-in church service, which we’ve seen in Kentucky, Mississippi, and in Florida.” There are far too many contradictions that can be seen if people have eyes to see.

We also featured a bit of wisdom from actor and director Kevin Sorbo who explained in a whole series of pithy statements that it is not about our health, like: “When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems an abortion visit is safe, it’s not about your health.”  Truth!

Today we have a number of diverse issues being addressed by our network writers. Karen Cacy offers a provocative article on Rabbi Dov Fischer’s question: “Is it Time to Hate?” He may be speaking for a number of Americans. It is a very good article.

Pastor Earl Wallace provides a more personal explanation, not about literal dancing, but on what patriots and conservative Christians are up against in this fight for America’s soul. It is quite insightful, but he provides an answer to deal with the situation we face at this point in our history. The article is not about dancing.

We welcome another new writer to CSN, Leah Todd, whose letter to Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, we posted in Tuesday’s edition. She has written a call to action, as she is also realizing what America is up against in this time of tribulation. 

We also offer an article by Dr. Richard Moss who reveals insider information about his “Red State” of Indiana and how it may have been taken over by a “Blue State” minded governor who claims he is a Republican. 

Executive Editor, Don Rosenberg provides an article to help bring our readers some very practical information on the do’s and don’ts of coronavirus safety as Americans head back to work. He provides important information from Professor Erin Bromage is a Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts.

A DefCon News contribution deals with Chuck Schumer and his concern (real or pretend) that Americans with automatic rifles are trying to reopen the country. Schumer is quoted in the article that Schumer said “you can’t ignore the truth in a crisis like this.” But, that is exactly what the Democrats are good at — ignoring the truth — objective truth – not “Democrat approved truth.”

And, last but not least, Michael Lewinski expresses the point that “We need Confidence!”

A special suggestion is made to check out the video from Mike Huckabee: “The BIGGEST Story Of The Year And My LIFETIME” 

Dennis Jamison

Rabbi Dov Fischer asks the question : “Is it Time to Hate?”

COLORADO SPRINGS: Nearly everyone above ground today can agree that hatred, while an extreme emotion, is a term befitting Adolph Hitler, leader of the Nazi Party.  At the same time, we tell youngsters that it isn’t nice to hate.

And the new Progressivism has expunged the word from our vocabulary.

But what about hateful actions?  Are they exempt from comment as well?  The one-party media that has been propping up fellow democrats while vilifying republicans has resulted in the past decade in the air waves abounding with hatred, but just not the word.  Never the word.  That would be so un-PC, darling.

Coming Late To A Party Is No Reason Not To Dance 

By Pastor Earl Wallace 5/5/2020

To those of us, who feel, I am too old to make a difference, please read the following:

Do not rely on your own strength and let your age cause you to retreat from what God is calling you to do. Just be willing to do it a bit slower!

Moses was age 80, when God compelled him to lead Israel over the next 40 years, and was 120 when God took him home. The first 40 years of Moses’ life first was spent as an Egyptian royal, enjoying the passing pleasures of sin. The next 40 were spent living as a fugitive from Egypt. Those previous experiences were no reason not spend the last 40 years of his life doing God’s will.

Older people have wisdom, patience and a much better view of the context America is facing than do younger people, who are raising children and advancing in a career to keep their families housed and fed. Older people are less intimidated to engage in the battle to save America.

America’s struggle is between people who have a Ten Commandments value system vs. those who don’t! 

Restore Our Republic – A Call to Action!

by Leah Todd, 5/20/2020

Hello my fellow Americans,

To all my friends who know me, you know that I am not the kind of person who speaks out often. I am making an exception because I believe the Heavenly Father has put these words on my heart for you to receive. I am just a Mom and an American who is sharing her thoughts. I recently wrote a letter to my Governor here in Oklahoma (that should have been written 2 months ago). I have come to the realization that I have been sitting on the sidelines for too long now. This pandemic and the casualties that are the results have been unbelievable to watch. It is like watching a train wreck with a feeling of helplessness that things are out of control and there is nothing we can do about it. It’s hard to watch the Constitution be suspended because of a fake crisis. The final straw has hit as we are faced with people telling us to accept a “New Normal.”

Well it is past time to do something, as some of my fellow patriots take to the streets to protest while the media tells us that they and those who agree with them are in the minority. It’s hard for me to believe that.  I refuse to accept that 60% of Americans don’t care about their Freedom!

There are so many people on Facebook posting the truth and watching it be censored, or sharing videos that are being banned. We have police officers in uniform honoring the oath that they took and get suspended for speaking out. We have doctors who are being persecuted for telling the truth.  We are being “fact checked” by the same people who are promoting a communist agenda of a new world order. I want to believe that people are waking up, but am I being naïve?

When Red States Act Blue

By Richard Moss, MD 5/11/2020

My state folded.  The people didn’t fail; our government did. Specifically, our governor.  Indiana is a red, Republican state with two Republican US Senators, seven (out of nine) Republican Congressman, a Republican State House and Senate, and, ostensibly, a Republican governor.  Governor Eric Holcomb is his name.  With Republicans like him who needs Democrats?

Holcomb has dealt with the Covid 19 pandemic like any Democrat governor would.  Only he is not a Democrat, and Indiana is not a Democrat state.

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Coronavirus Safety

By Don Rosenberg 5/19/2020

Professor Erin Bromage is a Comparative Immunologist and Professor of Biology at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth specializing in immunology. He writes regular blogs, but a recent one about avoiding the risks of coronavirus has taken off like a rocket. https://www.erinbromage.com/post/the-risks-know-them-avoid-them

For those of you who don’t have time to read 10 pages, here’s a quick summary.

Covid-19 cases are increasing across the country; things just look better because New York is finally on the downside. As various states start to reopen, learning how you get the coronavirus will allow you to avoid wasting effort in some areas so you can focus on areas that will make a difference. “We know most people get infected in their own home. A household member contracts the virus in the community and brings it into the house where sustained contact between household members leads to infection.”

But what about grocery stores, state parks and joggers?

Chuck Schumer Screams That People With ‘Automatic Weapons’ Are Trying To Reopen The Country

Courtesy of Def Con News 5/14/2020

In an MSNBC interview, democrat Chuck Schumer claimed that a small number of people with “automatic weapons” are forcing the country to prematurely reopen. Rather than fact-check the Senate Minority leader, host Nicolle Wallace pledged her loyalty to the democratic party and promised to adjust their news coverage to Schumer & Co.’s narrative.

Wallace asked Schumer if he sympathizes with people who are tired of not being able to work and feed their families. Chuck does not.

“If we do it too soon, if we do it without the advice of science, if we let a thousand of people, a few of whom hold automatic weapons, determine what we do, we’ll lose out. Look at what Dr. Fauci said yesterday, he spoke the truth and you can’t ignore the truth in a crisis like this,” said Schumer.

We Need Confidence

By Michael J. Lewinski 5/18/2020

“Does World War II offer any lessons regarding our wrecked economy and staggering unemployment from the lock down reaction to the Coronavirus,” asked Victor Davis Hanson. Through a historical analysis of the dynamics of Europe, America. and Asia, he found his answers.

Government absolutely could not do it. It was entrepreneurs and risk-takers who only could do it! The little help the government could give was the lifting its Progressive inspired oppressive boot off of those who could do it. As the greatest generation lost its fear of the Axis Powers, our generation of “Americans must master their fears of the virus and dare to go back to work.”

From Valuetainment: China’s Unrestricted Warfare Could Lead to Collapse in One Year

From  Huckabee: The BIGGEST Story Of The Year And My LIFETIME – 5/16/2020

Texas governor announces day cares can open immediately, bars can reopen on Friday at 25% – 5/1/2020

From FOX News – Ingraham: The masks are off – 5/15/2020

Pastor Earl Wallace on 1st Amendment

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