North Carolinians, Our Voting Rights are Under Attack Today

North Carolinians, Our Voting Rights are Under Attack Today.

Governor Cooper has repeatedly hindered any effort to secure honest and fair elections in North Carolina. He vetoed the recently-passed Voter ID law in NC. It is clear that the governor and the Democrats intend to rig and control all upcoming election procedures to make them favorable to the Democrat Party.

The NC Board of Elections Executive Director, Karen Brinson Bell, a bureaucrat recently appointed by Democrats 3-2, is seeking to take advantage of the coronavirus scare to broaden her authority and change the rules governing our electoral process. Among other things, she is setting the stage to institute all-mail voting and California-style ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is the practice of allowing political operatives to collect election ballots in bulk and turn them into the electoral polling stations. This type of election fraud has been tied to the Democrat party where they mass produce thousands of fake absentee ballots. They also go to hospitals and retirement homes and offer to take up and deliver ballots for legitimate voters, then discard ballots that vote against Democrat candidates.

Bell also proposes sending unsolicited ballots to all 7 million of NC’s registered voters. But there are more than 994,000 missing or “Inactive” voters still listed on NC’s poorly managed voter rolls. Many of these ballots will also be collected and filled out fraudulently by Democrat operatives.

She also proposes relaxing the rules to ensure that absentee ballots are legitimate, only encouraging more fraud.

These techniques used by Democrats explain why in 2018, over 85% of all close elections throughout the country were ultimately decided in Democrats’ favor when absentee ballots supported Democrats by very wide margins.

Today, Monday, April 20, the State Board of Elections is holding a public hearing for proposed changes to the election laws in North Carolina which will be permanent that will allow unsubstantiated voter registrations online and ballot harvesting.

We need you to go to the public comment site and demand “NO CHANGES unless and until the 994,000+ inactive voters are removed from the voter roles. There is too much room for election changing voter fraud to occur.

Also, contact your elected officials in Raleigh and demand they preemptively bar the Governor from exceeding the bounds of our current absentee-voting laws, as spelled out in NCGS §163 Article 20. We also need to demand that voter roles be immediately purged of deceased, ineligible and out of state voters.

Public comment on the proposed amendment will be accepted through Monday, April 20, 2020. Go to Online: Public Comment Portal and make a comment opposing the changes by the end of the day today or you may email


To view the text of the proposed rule, please visit:

You should also email your legislators in the NC House and Senate. To find their email address, go to and enter your address, county or voter registration info.

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