Post-Election Wrap-Up Newsletter – 11/13/18

Post-Election Wrap-Up Newsletter. 11/13/18

The election results from last week are showing very clearly that we facing a crisis that threatens our entire nation. Our electoral process is under attack from those who think lying and cheating are a means to an end. If the political parties focus their efforts on the issues, candidates and turning out the vote, what happens when the actual votes matter less than which side is willing to subvert the vote through fake absentee ballots, detroying ballots from the other side, illegal registrations, voting by the deceased, and outright creation of fake ballots? The 2018 election may go down as the biggest example of widespread and organized voter fraud in our history.

This week’s newsletter contains several articles touching on the subject of voter fraud. We are certain to be hearing more about this in the future. 

Please help us track down this story. If you have first-hand knowledge, or accurate stories or videos about voter fraud, please send them to us at

Dennis Jamison, Founder, Citizen Sentinels Network

Veterans’ Day Tainted by Threat to Fair Elections

By Dennis Jamison ——-November 12, 2018

Americans may celebrate Veterans’ Day twice this year. The historical and official day to honor America’s veterans was Sunday, the 11th of November. However today, because Veterans’ Day was on a Sunday, federal government employees will take a day off from work. The genuine point of the holiday, nonetheless, is not just to enjoy free time. The true purpose of Veterans’ Day is to take some time to express a deeper sense of appreciation and gratitude for our nation’s veterans. And, this year the holiday follows the debris remaining from the 2018 midterm elections.

And before anyone wonders what Veterans’ Day may have to do with fallout from the 2018 midterms, readers should face the reality right now that it is because of veterans, there are free elections in the United States. Unfortunately, there is debris in the form of election corruption being committed despite the sacrifice, and in some cases supreme sacrifice, of those who have put on the uniform representing their country. This action of corruption of the vote, no matter what intentions may be, represents actual disrespect of those men and women currently in the military, and those who served in the past. It is definite disrespect for those who shed blood, or who gave their lives so that American citizens would have the right to vote.

Very tightly contested elections have generated claims of corruption by the GOP in the states of Arizona and Florida. The votes being counted in question come from Democrat -controlled districts where additional ballots have been discovered, or there has been an over counting of ballots. And in Arizona, there are questions of the authenticity of voters’ signatures on ballots. But it goes deeper, as in some cases there have been videos that have been posted online of suspicious transfer of bags or boxes presumably containing ballots.

Mid-Term Election Analysis

By Jason Yates, My Faith Votes CEO

November 7, 2018

I’ve been pouring over the election results, and I want to provide you with some key insights that you may not have yet read.

  1. The GOP losses in the House were in line with historic averages. The president’s party almost always suffers a net loss of U.S. House seats in midterm elections. Gallup reported that presidents with job approval ratings below 50% have seen their party lose 37 House seats, on average, in midterm elections. Gallup’s latest approval rating for Trump was at 40%.
  2. Turnout was the highest in 48 years for a midterm election. Michael McDonald of the non-profit organization Elect Project made an initial estimate that 111.5 million votes were cast in the midterms, for a national turnout rate of 47.3%. That turnout rate hasn’t been seen in a midterm election since 1970.  In the last three midterms, roughly 85 million people voted.
  3. In total, evangelicals made up 27 percent of the voters, according to preliminary projections. An ABC News exit poll found that white evangelical Christians are voting 75-25 in the House vote in favor of Republicans, or near their typical level.
  4. Turnout by voters 65+ surged yesterday.  Seniors made up about 26% of the electorate, compared to an average of 21% in the last three midterm elections.
  5. There was no disproportional surge in the youth vote.  18-29 year-olds made up 13% of the vote, compared to 12%-13% in the last three midterm elections. But there is a disproportional way in which young people vote. 67% of young voters chose the Democrats according to exit polls.
  6. Democrats are strengthening with women. In 2012, GOP lost the vote with women by 12 percentage points.  Yesterday, the gap was widened when 19% more women voted for Democrats. At the same time, an NBC News exit poll found that the gender gap has decreased among white evangelicals voting for Republicans. The 11-point gender gap that existed among white evangelicals in 2016 shrunk to six points in 2018.

Election Day: Voter turn-out is King and the Forgotten Democrat is the Fool

by Karen Hagestad Cacy

The old-school Democrat has all but been forgotten. It seems the “nice” Democrat of old has gone the way of the dinosaurs. Only a couple of Democrat spokespersons, like  Doug Schoen, Alan Dershowitz, are left reminding us of the  Patrick Moynihan’s and Henry “Scoop” Jacksons of yore. Democrats who believed in their politics and carried with them a self-image of the “do-gooder.” They walked lightly on the earth, singing “Kumbayah,” worrying about the underprivileged among us. In other words, whether or not one believed as they did, the early Democrats wore well with the American people.

A half decade later, what does Old School Democrats have left to them?

Antifa rioters, a conglomeration of left-wing autonomous self-styled anti-fascist militant groups using direct action, harassing those whom they identify as fascists, racists or right-wing extremists. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, partisan leftists’ self-designated Aunt, who advises her followers, “If you see a member of the Trump cabinet, ‘Pushback.’”

According to “Auntie Maxine,” cabinet members and highly visible Trump enablers should expect harassment at restaurants, gas stations, shopping places, and even their homes.

The Blue Wave Did Hit: California Drowning in Ocean of Blue

By  —— November 10, 2018

“Elections have consequences” as citizens were instructed by former President Obama. Of course the midterm election battles have come to a conclusion with no “blue wave,” or no “red tsunami.” Yet, there will be consequences. Already, citizens are witnessing the consequences of a Democrat failure to manifest their blue wave. Leftist factions in the Democrat Party are blaming Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer for the failure of the blue wave that was promised. And, apparently “Plan B” is to manufacture ballots that are appearing out of the “blue” which were very closely contested. Thus, citizens are witnessing the debacle in Florida, and possibly other contentious states as well.

California is now able to become a prime foundation for a socialist state

Yet, in all honesty, the blue wave did hit. The consequences of recent state elections in California show that state has been converted to the Democrat Sanctuary of Kalifornia. Now, Kalifornia is all blue – and it is representative of the “blue”print for the entire nation. And, it is fairly well known here that the state of California perfected the manufacture of additional ballots long ago, as well as the ballot disappearing act – in order to gain Democrat majorities. Will the rest of America follow the current trend toward socialism in the next decade? Time may tell.

Certainly, with Gavin Newsome as the new governor in California, the state is now able to become a prime foundation for a socialist state.

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