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Life and Liberty Amidst of Culture of Death

by Dennis Jamison – 5/26/22

On the threshold of Memorial Day the nation is in mourning over the Uvalde, Texas school tragedy – at least in some non-political realms there is genuine mourning. Within the political realms there is posturing and pointing of fingers for political capital. That in itself is tragic – that the “leaders” of the country would use the horrific and insane actions of a deranged individual to bolster their own advancement or their political agendas…


The Unraveling Of Education In America

By Larry Sand – May 24, 2022The bad news from the education industrial complex just keeps on coming.

It’s no secret that education in America has been in bad shape for some time, and now, low student proficiency has been exacerbated by the hysterical response to the Covid outbreak. Most recently, the results of a Harvard University study, which investigated the role of remote and hybrid instruction in widening gaps in achievement by race and school poverty, have been released. Using testing data from 2.1 million students in 10,000 schools in 49 states and D.C., the researchers found…


Proposed WHO amendments can’t be honored by the United States

By A. Dru Kristenev –May 22, 2022

Caterwauling about the egregious nature of the amendments to the World Health Organization being submitted by the Biden administration are justifiable in that they must be denied approval. Member states are being asked to sign over their sovereignty to an unelected administrative agency that has not been held accountable for any of its excessive decisions affecting human health issues. (The engineered Covid-19 pandemic makes the case for WHO’s incompetence and ignored culpability for multitudes of unnecessary injuries and deaths.)



Surrendering your health to WHO?

By Jim Bratten – 5/23/22

Whether it’s global firearms control to override our Constitution’s Second Amendment, monitoring our elections for “fairness,” or creating “National Heritage” sites around our country to manage U.S. historic sites (property control), the Democrat Party has always trusted the United Nations to guide (control) U.S. affairs. The Biden Regime seems anxious to expand UN control over the U.S., an essential part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Great Reset…

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Globalist “stakeholders” explain holding nations hostage to WEF salvation

By A. Dru Kristenev —May 26, 2022

Listening to the founder of the World Economic Forum should send chills up any normal person’s spine. The language of Klaus Schwab in his welcome address sounds, if anything, like an updated version of a speech given by the founder of the Third Reich (note avoidance of specific names to, hopefully, reduce censorship)…


From The Victory Channel – FlashPoint: Protect Our Kids & Save America! A Call To Action…  – 5/25/22

From Liz Wheeler (formerly of OANN): Everybody Is Wrong About the Uvalde Shooting | Ep. 150 – 5/25/22

From Bannon’s War Room: Episode 1,883 – DAVOS, Deutsche Telekom, And Digital Vaccine Passports – 5/25/22

From Facts Matter with Roman Balmako: Durham Trial Witness Reveals ‘Hillary Clinton Did It’ – She Approved Leaking Russia Details to Media – 5/24/22

From Stew Peters Show: Federal Judge Demands Hillary Emails | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech – 5/23/22

From The Dan Bongino Show: Eye Opening Video From The WEF Globalists (Ep. 1775) – The Dan Bongino Show – 5/24/22

From Facts Matter with Roman Balmako: White House Admits It Lied About Vaccines; Study Shows 49% of Biden’s Followers are “Fake Accounts” – 5/19/22

From FOX News: Mike Huckabee: This is more of Biden’s political theater – 5/26/22

From All About Us Global Media – Safe Kids Now Show: Stephanie Mann interviews Rev. Stephen Craft – 5/25/22

ICYMI > From CitizenFreePress: 2000 Mules | Watch the full movie… – 5/8/22


Podcast – From D’Souza Media: Biden Has TERRIBLE Idea: “The Second Amendment’s Not Absolute” – 5/26/22


Podcast – “Bold & Blunt” w/ Cheryl Chumley:  Democrats Target Youth To Advance Communist Interests – Washington Times  – 5/24/22


Podcast – From The Victor Davis Hanson Show: The Victor Davis Hanson Show: Russia, China and Other Global Players on Apple Podcasts – 5/21/22


    Project Management Tools, Books and Resources | PMB  Recommended Reading…

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From Forbes: Uvalde Shooting Timeline: Here’s What We Know About What Happened – 5/26/22

By Channel 7 News – MIami (CNN) What we know about the victims at Robb Elementary School – 5/25/22

From The Heartland Institute: 4 Steps Every School Can Take to Help Prevent Shootings – 5/25/22

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From The Daily Signal: FBI Reveals How Many Active Shooters Were Stopped by Citizens – 5/26/22

From The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER): How Government Created the Baby Formula Shortage – 5/24/22

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Hoover Institution  articles & videos –

From Defining Ideas: NATO’s Nordic Realignment | Hoover Institution – 5/25/22

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What affects one, can affect all!

* News From The Growing Free Union –  From The Heartland Institute: FBI Reveals How Many Active Shooters Were Stopped by Citizens – 5/26/22

From Students for Life: SFLA Joins Amicus Brief in Defense of Pro-Life Americans’ Free Speech Rights – 5/25/22

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* News From Our Canadian Neighbors – From Global News The West Block (TV): May 22, 2022 | Canada bans Huawei, plus the future of Alberta’s politics – 5/22/22

From The Fraser Institute via Canada Free Press: Shrinking ratio of Canadian workers to seniors will strain government finances in coming years; only 3 working age individuals for every senior by 2027 – 5/16/22

News From Arkansas – From Bannon’s War Room: Arkansas Senate Incumbent Scared To Debate Senate Candidate Jack Bequette On Any Issues – 5/24/22

From Students for Life: SFLAction Calls on Arkansas Governor to Drop His Plans to Shame People Conceived in Rape by “Revisiting” and Reducing Legal Protections for People Like Them – 5/24/22

News From Colorado – From Bannon’s War Room: Tina Peters: “I’m not backing down” – 5/26/22

News From Georgia – From Breitbart: Georgia GOP Voters Favor Populist Agenda to Fight Left-Wing Corporations – 5/25/22

News From Indiana – From The Heartland Institute: Indiana Legislature Overrides Gov.’s Veto of Ban on Males in Girls Sports – 5/25/22

News From New Mexico – From FOX Weather (w/ video): History in the making: Boeing’s Starliner lands in New Mexico after first visit to ISS – 5/25/22

News From North Carolina – From The Heartland Institute: University of North Carolina Journalism School May Adopt Woke Agenda  – 5/25/22

News From Pennsylvania – From NTD: Pennsylvania Officials Officially Announce Recount for GOP Primary for US Senate Seat – 5/25/22                                                     

From Bannon’s War Room: PA Gov. Primary Winner Doug Mastriano Looking Forward to General Election – 5/18/22

News From Texas – From NTD: What We Know so Far About Salvador Ramos, Alleged Texas School Mass Shooter – 5/25/22

From NTD: Border Patrol Officer Killed Texas School Shooter: Governor – 5/25/22

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