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Substituting real poison for fake poison

By A. Dru Kristenev —-July 20, 2022

Climate change is the villain most to be feared and fought, according to the Biden administration, democrats, average educators, media hustlers and the World Economic Forum. And as this confederacy of misinformation mavens preach about the evils of what are referred to as fossil fuels, they are attempting to fast-track the world into dependency on impractical “renewable” energy that adds more toxins to the environment than decades of conventional power generation…


Fragmenting Families

By Jim Bratten – 7/18/22

For decades the Democrat Party and its leftist surrogates in public and private organizations have been slowly disassembling the very concept of the traditional American family and its essential role as the most basic building block of Western Civilization. Designed by God, our Founders recognized that and celebrated the traditional family as the very foundation of our civil society.

This reality stands in direct opposition to the ideological objective of the Democrat Party – rule of our nation under a one-party, oligarchic state – so Democrats have decided to change reality…


A Simple Plan to Save America (part 1)

By Stephanie L. Mann – 7/16/22

Let’s stop assuming politicians can save us. They talk big, spend our money and pass laws, but they can’t preserve American culture or values. Only “We the People” can save ourselves. COVID has taken a devastating toll as drugs, crime, violence and suicide have dramatically increased. We have seen how important it is for young people to connect to their school friends to develop healthy relationships.

We cannot allow social isolation to continue to destroy our communities. Everyone must understand the importance of neighbors connecting, or crime and violence problems will continue to increase. Youth who commit crimes and mass shootings often identify as loners who lack support. People who kill are angry and disconnected from the community…



How Are You Holding Up Under Inflation?

By Michael James Lewinski 07/13/22

If inflation was calculated the way it was in 1978 before the bureaucrats fiddled with the formula calculating inflation, our inflation rate would be 17%. That’s right, 17%. 8% more than what the government is telling us. The inflation report today lied to us, reporting a 9.1% rate. Is a 9.1% rate of inflation what you are experiencing at the gas pump, in the grocery store, and with your electric bills? I am not. All the prices are up much more.

You can blame this inflation on…

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Ivana Trump’s Funeral Proved That LOVE CONQUERS ALL

By Judi McLeod —-July 21, 2022

There it was earlier today, down copy on today’s line-up of Fox News: ‘’Ivana Trump to be laid to rest in New York City Funeral’. Under Politics: ‘What to know about Ivana Trump’s funeral’  by Brooke Singman. The truth is that Fox News, like the rest of the propaganda-pushing media, knew nothing about Ivana Trump’s funeral, only endless speculation about whether the man she dubbed ‘The Donald’ and his wife former First Lady Melania,” would be there:

“It is unclear if the former president will attend the funeral of his late ex-wife…


From American Center for Law and Justice: BREAKING: Biden Tests Positive for COVID – 7/21/22

From Bannon’s War Room: Episode 2019: Biden Tests Positive For Covid, Get The Federal Government Out Of Education – 7/21/22

From Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov: Andy Ngo: Dark Origins of Antifa, Their Plan to Overthrow America, How Media Grants Them Legitimacy – 7/18/22

From John Solomon’s Just the News (w/ video): Mystery solved: DOJ secretly thwarted release of Russia documents declassified by Trump – 7/20/22

From FOX News – Tucker: Enes Kanter Freedom says NBA ‘run by the Chinese dictatorship’ after exclusive recordings surface – 7/20/22  (See related Red State article below)

From CNN: Panama protesters block highways and reject government deals. See CNN’s report on the ground – posted 7/12/22

From Lindell-TV: Mike Interviews Candidate That Explains Why She Joined Conservative Movement After Ferguson Riots – 7/19/22

From Diamond and Silk: Dr Simone Gold joins Diamond and Silk – 7/15/22

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From Bannon’s War Room: Joseph Nierman On The Unfair Circumstances Of The Show Trial Of Steve Bannon – 7/21/22


 Podcast – From Liz Wheeler (formerly of OANN): Bogus Terrorism Charges Against Jan. 6 Defendants | Ep. 175 – 7/20/22


 Podcast – From “Bold & Blunt” w/ Cheryl Chumley: The Constitution Is Not Racist — and Other Democrat Myths I Washington Times – 7/21/22


Podcast – From D’Souza Media: The Left Uses “Christian Nationalism” to Scare the Pulpit Away From Politics – 7/20/22


Podcast – From The Devin Nunes Podcast – Unplugged: SPECIAL EDITION: Exposing the Jan. 6 Witch Hunt – Published on 7/19/22


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From John Solomon’s Just the News: Senate group moves to rewrite Electoral Count Act – 7/20/22

From Canada Free Press: Twitter Silences Jordan Peterson For Thought Crimes – 7/21/22

From Red State: Enes Kanter Freedom Tells Tucker Carlson NBA Recordings Show League Is ‘Run by the Chinese Dictatorship’ – 7/21/22

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From American Greatness: Germany’s Ministry of Health: 1 in 5,000 Germans Have Suffered ‘Serious Side Effects’ From COVID Injections – 7/20/22

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What affects one, can affect all!

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From the Toronto Sun: LILLEY UNLEASHED: Justin Trudeau still using masking for political theatre – 7/20/22

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From The Gateway Pundit:Pizza Delivery Driver in Indiana Risks Life and Saves Four Children from House Fire – 7/19/22

From CNN: ‘Many more people would have died’: Armed bystander killed gunman who had 3 guns and 100 rounds of ammunition, police say – 7/19/22

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From Boise State Public Radio via Mountain West News Bureau: Fire at Hoover Dam extinguished, cause still unknown | KUNC – 7/20/22

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From American Greatness: Woke Goes the Classroom – 7/19/22

News From Virginia –

From National Review by John Fund: Jefferson & Madison Homes Seized by ‘Woke’ Detractors of Founding Fathers – 7/17/22

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