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Violent America: What’s Missing from the Conversation?

By Stephanie L. Mann – 7/4/22

In 2022, Americans have experienced more than 250 mass shootings, with the most recent during a 4th of July parade in Highland Park, Ill., leaving seven dead and more than 24 wounded. President Biden recently addressed politicians stating how many times have they been told “for God’s sake, just do something,” but if you notice the only time the media or politicians ever mention God is after another tragedy…



Judge Slams Brakes on Noncitizen Voting

A New York State Supreme Court justice has ruled that a new law allowing 800,000 noncitizens to vote in local elections in New York City was unconstitutional. The case will be appealed to the Court of Appeals, the state’s highest judicial body, but it’s a promising start.

The New York law is part of a nationwide push to blur the very meaning of citizenship and promote noncitizen voting everywhere and for all offices…


Dems aren’t angry over Roe, they’re livid about lost control

By A. Dru Kristenev —-July 6, 2022

These last weeks have been a tour de force of common sense over political theory and ideology – note that science has and had nothing to do with the squalling of crybaby liberals about the so-called loss of “choice.”

Reaction attributed to the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Clinic decision has served as the catch-all excuse for violence against pro-life activists, pregnancy centers and conservatives in general but it’s not what has caused the barbarous fascists (aka Antifa, BLM, et al) to become unglued. It’s the crumbling of their reign of terror induced by elected (some fraudulently seated) legislators and appointed autocrats that has them shooting up neighborhoods and burning down buildings. The frenzied screaming and rioting is a tantrum, and a murderous one at that…



Poking The Bear

By  —–July 2, 2022

For the last several years, the United States, along with NATO, has  been poking the Russian bear, apparently pushing for war with Russia. Why?

When Trump was president it was Russia, Russia, Russia.  When Democrats found that Trump was actually getting along with Putin, they became further enraged, even though Trump was pushing NATO to pay its fair share and get more ground troops, ships, and planes ready for combat.  You know, getting NATO to do what it’s supposed to do…

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By Jim Bratten – 7/4/22

The Los Angeles Times on June 24 read: “Op-Ed: The end of Roe will be a death sentence for many Black women.”

Abortion activists are once more exploiting RACE over the Supreme Court ruling favorably on Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health and its reversal of Roe v. Wade. The demise of a constitutionally flawed order, by an activist court in 1973 that illegally seized authority on abortion from the states, will not be a “death sentence” for black women. Abortion wasn’t banned; decisions about it are back where they belong, in the states…


From Bannon’s War Room: Gaffney Calls For ‘Impeachment’ For Biden’s ‘Treason’ Of Selling America’s Resources To CCP – 7/6/22

From FOX News – Tucker: Tucker Carlson: Biden should be impeached for this – 7/6/22

From Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov: Exclusive: Vaccine Mandate Will Force Over 700 Pilots, 40,000 National Guard Troops to Be Discharged – 7/6/22

From The Dan Bongino Show: Terrorists Being Allowed Into The USA? (Ep. 1803) – 7/7/22

From BizPac Review (w/ video): Survivor of Mao’s cultural revolution warns of public school indoctrination: ‘The country I love is becoming the country I left’ – 7/6/22

From D’Souza Media: The SCOTUS Leaker’s Strategy to Sabotage the Roe Decision Failed – 7/6/22

From Bannon’s War Room: Harnwell: Boris resigns as leader of the Conservative Party — he has not resigned as prime minister – 7/7/22

From the Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson: Biden Official Says Inflation is All ABout Defending “Liberal World Order” – 7/6/22

From Mark Dice: Science Proves What We Suspected Was True – 7/6/22

ICYMI > From Lindell-TV: (S)Election Code | Frank Speech the Home of Free Speech – 6/27/22


 Podcast -From Liz Wheeler (formerly of OANN): Ectopic Pregnancy, Coat Hanger Abortions, & 10-Year-Olds Raped & Pregnant | Ep. 168 – 7/6/22


Podcast – From Tulsi Gabbard: Our pride in our country shouldn’t depend on whether ‘our team’ is in the White House – 7/6/22


Podcast – From The Devin Nunes Podcast: Unplugged Devin Nunes Interviews President Donald Trump (AKA Captain Deplorable 45) – 7/6/22


Podcast – From “History As It Happens” – Special Section: Martin Di Caro – The Right to Privacy, 1789 to ? – Washington Times – 7/5/22


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From Washington Times (with video): Joe Biden sends 5 million barrels of US oil to Europe, Asia despite soaring gas prices – 7/6/22

From John Solomon’s Just the News: John Bolton: Biden accepting migrants with terrorist ties in ‘effort to get back into the 2015 Iran nuclear deal’ – 7/6/22

From James Woods via Canada Free Press: This is a hero, plain and simple – Posted 7/6/22

From Canada Free Press: John Roberts: An Enemy of the Rule of Law – 7/5/22

From The Gateway Pundit (w/ video): Judge Gives Go-Ahead to Dominion to Sue FOX, OAN Despite Recent Report that Identifies Massive System Vulnerabilities in Dominion Systems That May Have Been Previously Exploited – 7/4/22

From BizPac Review: Pushaw rips USA Today disinformation reporter over debunked DeSantis hit piece pushed by Stephen King – 7/6/22

From True the Vote: “Eyes On” – The Democrat Plan on Vote Fraud – unknown posting date


articles & videos –

From California on Your Mind: Escape From The West Coast, Los Angeles Style| Hoover Institution – 7/6/22

From Defining Ideas: What Caused Gas Prices To Jump? | Hoover Institution – 6/30/22


What affects one, can affect all!

* News From The Growing Free Union –                                                                                         From Breitbart: Red States: Biden Eroding American Sovereignty by Releasing Over a Million Border Crossers into US – 7/5/22

From FOX News: Texas and Arizona declaring Southern border migrant crisis as ‘invasion’ – 7/5/22                      

From Students for Life for America: Hell Must Have Frozen Over: Kristan Hawkins & Planned Parenthood President Agree on ONE Post-Dobbs Plan – 7/6/22

From John Solomon’s Just the News: US Marshals capture more than 1,500 fugitives in 10 cities – 7/6/22

* News From Our Canadian Neighbors –

From The Post Millennial (PM): BREAKING: Trudeau accidentally says he is ‘banning’ firearms    in Canada | The Post Millennial – 7/5/22

From the Toronto Star: Air Canada announces ‘meaningful reductions’ to July and August flight schedules – 6/30/22

News From Arizona –

From Real America’s Voice: Jovan Hutton Pulitzer: ‘The #1 Fairytale In The US Is… There’s   No Such Thing As Voter Fraud’ – 6/28/22

ICYMI > From Real America’s Voice: Arizona Forensic Audit Presentation Featuring Jovan Hutton Pulitzer – 6/28/22

News From California –  

From John Solomon’s Just the News: Newsom questioned on whether Montana trip violates travel ban to states with ‘anti-LGBTQ+’ policies – 7/7/22

News From Colorado – 

From the Absolute Truth with Emerald Robinson: Trump Endorsed Candidate Tina Peters Loses in Colorado Primary – 7/5/22

News From Georgia –

From WND: Mysterious Georgia monument destroyed by explosives – 7/6/22

From National Review: Georgia Guidestones Destroyed in Controlled Demolition after Bombing – 7/7/22

News From Iowa –

From Breitbart: ‘The Wall Is Idiotic’: Radical Iowa Democrat Mike Franken Pushes Open Borders on America, Argued Illegal Immigration Is ‘Not A Crime’ – 7/6/22

News From Oregon – 

From Yahoo News: Portland man accused of punching 5-year-old girl because he thought she was Japanese pleads not guilty – 7/6/22

News From Utah – 

From  AccuWeather: ‘It’s clear the lake is in trouble’: Great Salt Lake reaches new historic low – 7/6/22

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