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It’s hard to believe, but the Left has doubled down on the things they have already double down on. Despite massive losses in the recent elections, they seem to feel that their problem was not being liberal and aggressive enough.

Free Americans fought back at the polls, but that’s not going to be enough. We need to counter on all fronts.

Dr. Richard Moss in “Resisting COVID Tyranny,” starts us off this week with a discussion of the medical establishment’s efforts to force vaccines on their own employees. He explains how their arguments are flawed to the point of absurdity.

John Fund says, “You Don’t Have to Look Far for the Biden NLRB’s Union Label,” and points out the efforts the Libs are going to in order to force unionization on workers who have already said they don’t want it.

Judi McLeod explains how bad the corruption is between Big Pharma and Obama. In “Glenn Beck Drags Barack Obama Out Of Hiding,” she tells how Glenn Beck got hold of a confidentiality agreement that exposes their deal.

In “Measuring the Effects of the Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Personal Income Taxes,” Justin Haskins educates us on the truth behind the Republican tax reform law of 2017 and how Pelosi is trying to fool us all with lies the size of Texas.

Stephanie Mann concludes on a hopeful note – “War Is Hard, But Peace Is Possible” and appeals to all Americans and our leaders to try working together for once.

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Resisting COVID Tyranny

By Richard Moss, MD November 30, 2021
The following statement was sent to me and other members of the medical staff at a local hospital in October 2021 by its Executive Committee after approval at a Medical Staff meeting:

“In early September, the Federation of State Medical Boards, as well as the American Board of Family Medicine, American Board of Internal Medicine, and American Board of Pediatrics, issued a statement about vaccine misinformation.  They stated that providing misinformation about the Covid-19 vaccine contradicts physicians’ ethical and professional responsibilities, and therefore may subject a physician to disciplinary action, including suspension or revocation of their medical license.


You Don’t Have to Look Far for the Biden NLRB’s Union Label

The Biden-appointed National Labor Relations Board has decided to throw out the results of a highly publicized defeat for union organizers at an Amazon warehouse in Alabama. Workers rejected unionization by more than 2-1 in April, but the NLRB ordered a re-vote after allegedly finding that company officials improperly interfered the first time.



Glenn Beck Drags Barack Obama Out Of Hiding

By Judi McLeod –November 30, 2021

Just as the Creator’s Stars come out at night, The Truth—no matter how powerful those squatting on and suppressing it—will always and ever find its way out.

The Truth is writ large in the 153-page Confidentiality Agreement between the Barack Obama Government and Big Pharma Moderna from 2015, of which masterful researcher Glenn Beck has a copy.

“It says the mRNA is jointly owned by U.S. Government (NIAID) and Moderna.”


Measuring the Effects of the Republicans’ Tax Cuts and Jobs Act on Personal Income Taxes

By Justin Haskins – 12/1/21

Republicans’ 2017 tax reform law benefited middle- and working-class Americans the most… In a report published by the Tax Foundation less than a week before President Trump signed the TCJA into law, the Tax Foundation noted, “The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would reform the individual income tax code by lowering tax rates on wages, investment, and business income; broadening the tax base; and simplifying the tax code. The plan would lower the corporate income tax rate to 21 percent and move the United States from a worldwide to a territorial system of taxation.”[2]

During the legislative debates that occurred prior to the bill’s passage, opponents of the legislation—especially congressional Democrats—argued that TCJA would disproportionately benefit wealthy households and businesses, at the expense of lower- and middle-income American families.


War Is Hard, But Peace Is Possible

By Stephanie L. Mann – 11/29/21

Nations have been fighting each other since time began. Watching The History Channel, it is hard to believe in World War II, an estimated 12,000 Americans died each month fighting in the Pacific. Today, we have men killing each other in our cities with no end in sight. During every war, leaders worked together, decided on a plan of action and put a strategy together to conquer the enemy. Americans and our allies have stopped dictators from ruling the world. War is a battle between good and evil.

The question is, why aren’t American leaders working together on a strategy for peace in America? Make no mistake, violence, and abuse in our homes, neighborhoods and cities are a war between good and evil. (Taxpayers spend $220 million a day on child abuse and neglect.)



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