CNN Asks Black Man About ‘Racist’ Trump, Shocked At His Question For Them

CNN Asks Black Man About ‘Racist’ Trump, Shocked At His Question For Them

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, a CNN reporter requested an interview with a black man, believing the footage would assist in decrying Donald Trump as a racist. However, as soon as he asked his first question, the black man had one of his own that forced the CNN reporter to literally flee the interview.

It has become the goal of the mainstream media not to report the news but to sway public opinion with cleverly-worded presentations widely based on the leftist agenda. Fortunately, they sometimes stumble across truthful gems like Kenneth, a black Trump supporter who’s destroying liberal media bias and calling out the true racists.

An unidentified and apparently incompetent CNN reporter had no idea the mistake he’d made when he asked Kenneth his thoughts on the RNC. It took Kenneth just minutes to obliterate the left’s hypocritical political agenda in organizations like Black Lives Matter and the Clinton Foundation, The Blaze reports. However, it was when the reporter asked Kenneth what he thought about “the fact that white supremacists support Trump” that gave him the perfect opportunity to absolutely destroy biased news outlets like CNN.

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