Dick Morris Lunch Alert – Trump’s Real Plan for China

Dick Morris Lunch Alert – Trump’s Real Plan for China

Dick Morris is the former Clinton political guru who turned against the family and now is doing his best to expose the truth about Bill, Hilary and the rest of the Democrats.

He puts out a daily “Lunch Alert” where he covers a topic of the day, and last Friday discussed the China tariffs and his take on President Trump’s strategy.

There has been a lot of whining about the tariffs and how they’re hurting Americans by raising the cost of goods from China, but if you think about it, China has been cheating in multiple ways to give themselves an unfair trade advantage. Currency manipulation, industry subsidies, avoiding research and development costs by stealing American trade secrets through spying and hacking, ignoring US copyright laws, using slave labor and cheap labor and ignoring the environmental impact of the manufacturing – all together they give the Chinese an advantage well above a 25% or even 50% tariff.

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