Excuses for Abortion Continue to Ignore Reality

Excuses for Abortion Continue to Ignore Reality

By Kathleen Hall

Last fall, I responded to a column that appeared in the Roanoke Times on abortion and right to life proponents. My reason for sharing this information was to provide more insight about the realities of the abortion industry. I recently saw a powerful video featuring Abby Johnson and share the link to it at the end of this message. Here is my response to the column:

In Ms. Lambert’s “Heaven Help Us All” column on Nov. 7, 2018 — disdain for Rand Paul’s stand for the Right to Life, without regard for the known excruciating pain abortion causes innocent unborn human beings, or the emotional and physical scars that many women carry for a lifetime, argues that to “forget abortion” as suggested, cannot be the answer. It cannot be the answer for women whose “choice” is not their own, but the pressure of others around them, who disregard life and/or opt for quick solutions. If your mother told you, she changed her mind, and got off the abortion table, would it seem so inconsequential?

The lead actress who plays Abby Johnson in the film “Unplanned,” the true story of the former abortion clinic director based on her book, shares such a story about a talk with her mother. If one values all human life, it follows that one values the principles that help all life to thrive — individual freedom, equality under the law, economic freedom, support of the family structure, freedom of religion.

All these children “already born,” have much to gain if we work toward promoting and protecting these life-affirming values. The “children…all over the world” and the world at large, have our example of a life-nurturing society, struggling to keep what we do right and improve where we need to.

God help those who do not care to learn the truth about the abortion industry, and those who do not care when they know it.

Kathleen Hall has been an activist since writing letters to the editor of local newspapers while in her early 20s. A second generation American, she feels gratitude and responsibility as a citizen of the best country in the world, where God-given inalienable rights of individual freedom and opportunity can be taken for granted. Her favorite quote is, “We’ve given you a Republic, if you can keep it” by Ben Franklin.


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