Jason Yates of My Faith Votes talks with Michele Bachmann

Jason Yates of My Faith Votes talks with Michele Bachmann

by Don Rosenberg 6/4/2019

In early February, Jason Yates of My Faith Votes interviewed former congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachman about culture, faith and how to hold elected officials accountable.

The discussion started about culture and its effect on our children. It used to be that our job as a culture was to protect the innocence of our children, “today it’s no longer about protecting the innocence of little children. It is almost about violating the innocence of little children and that has me profoundly concerned about this next generation.”

Asked what can someone do as a parent she discussed how she first got involved with her local schools and then at the state and federal level. That led to her running for Minnesota state senate and then the US Congress.

How can we hold politicians accountable? “Vote then out of office.” Run yourself or find someone you believe in who can run and then support them.

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