Steve Arnold talks about Christians and voting on November 6th

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As you may know, historically in mid-term elections voter turnout is much lower than in the preceding presidential election and the political party that won in the presidential election is often the party that loses the most congressional seats.

Christians, conservatives, and Constitutional patriots in 2018 are dedicated to reversing these trends.

In order to change history, it is “We the People” who are required to act to make a difference. With less than three weeks remaining before Election Day, we are offering you an opportunity to make a positive difference in 2018. We are calling upon all citizens who have not voted in past elections to honestly share their reasons via video.

There are millions of Christians, as well as citizens of other faiths, who have chosen not to exercise their right to vote. There may be many legitimate reasons: apathy, anger, disgust, fear, or even a sense of helplessness, may block their paths to the voting booth.

But, consider the alternative: in the future there may not be the choice of voting, or choices in voting, if enough Americans do not vote in the present.

The Citizen Sentinels want to hear from American Christians who have awakened to the need to get involved and vote – ministers, pastors, and everyday Americans.

Christians can share their stories about how they decided to stop sitting on the sidelines and overcame their concerns about voting.

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