Students Love Green New Deal… Until Learning What’s in it.

Students Love Green New Deal… Until Learning What’s in it.

A common tactic of the Left is to make a proposal that sounds good at first blush and then give it a clever title. One recent example is “The Green New Deal.” Who could disagree with saving the planet? So everyone hops on board and if you don’t agree, you’re a horrible person.

But hidden under the title is a whole bunch of proposals that make very little sense. This classic video from Campus Reform shows college students agreeing with the idea of a Green New Deal, but once they hear about the details, their common sense kicks in and they back off very quickly.

People are so busy these days they just listen to the title of a proposal and then hop on board. This video shows the need to dig deeper and get informed about what our lawmakers are trying to accomplish.


Find out for yourself. Download the text of the non-binding proposal. Read facts about the proposal and it’s costs.

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