Video View: The Reason for the Sudden Decline in Law and Order

The Reason for the Sudden Decline in Law and Order

by Don Rosenberg – 7/2/2020

Protest, riots, looting, destruction of our history, socialist radicals taking over an entire political party. How did this happen so quickly?

Actually, these are the results of plans put in place over forty years ago.

A shocking video on “UGETube,” a censorship free video channel created by the Utah Gun Exchange, shows two interviews. From 1963, Malcom X describes the way the Democrats were using black Americans.

Then KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov details the Soviet long term plan to destroy their enemies in a 1984 interview. First comes “ideological subversion” or “psychological warfare” to change the perception of reality in the target country to such an extent that no one is able to come to sensible conclusions, despite extensive evidence. This brainwashing process goes slowly and has four stages.

“Demoralization” takes up to twenty years, because that is the amount of time needed to “educate” a generation in Marxist ideology and erode moral standards.

“Destabilization” takes 2 to 5 years and is an attack on the economy, defense and foreign relations. “Crisis” is the next stage and is led by those who promise “all sorts of goodies and paradise on earth.” This may take only six weeks and leads to a violent Marxist change of power and the economy with the elimination of free market competition.

“Normalization” is the final stage and lasts indefinitely once the new Marxists are in complete control. The Leftist leaders who destabilized the country are surprised – they thought they would be in charge.

Watch the video here.

There is no doubt that our moral systems – our churches and families – have been under constant attack for generations. Our education system has been completely taken over as the students from the 60’s became the teachers in the 80’s who taught the corporate leaders and government officials of the 2000’s. No wonder large parts of corporate America and the entire Democrat Party are participating in control and censorship and gleefully going along with Marxist ideas.

The November election is our last chance to save our country. Once the liberals are in power, they’ll never give it back.


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