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Our issue from last Thursday, “Exposing the Unified War on our Children,” was well-received. This week’s episode starts with the kids, and broadens out to answer the questions of “Why, Why, How and What?” “Why isn’t our ‘President’ standing up for America?,” “Why is this happening?” “How are we being controlled?” and “What can we do about it?”

Larry Sands, president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network, looks at how Teachers Unions are responding to parents’ complaints. “Parents Push Back Hard After Feds, Ed Establishment Paint Them As Terrorists.”

Jim Bratten answers our first question by labeling Biden as “China Joe” and a pawn of the CCP.

Is planetary depopulation the real goal here? Ray DiLorenzo calls worldwide governments and the pharmaceutical industry “Merchants of Death.” He quotes four experts on the subject of the vaccines who all agree that the shots are worse than COVID.

Craig Huey, in his article, “An Insider Expose: How Google Manipulates What You Search – 5 Things You Should Know About Its Secretive Disinformation and Biased Searches” shows how Big Tech can manage how we think simply by changing search results.

So what can we do about it? John Fund says voting in local and state elections is the key and in “Wilder, Not Gentler: The Nation’s First Elected Black Governor vs. Terry McAuliffe,” he reviews the Virginia race for Governor which occurs next Tuesday.

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Parents Push Back Hard After Feds, Ed Establishment Paint Them As Terrorists

By Larry Sand – October 27, 2021
In a story straight out of the “No matter how cynical I get, I just can’t keep up” file, the National School Boards Association sent a letter to President Biden on September 29, in which the organization contends that there is a serious threat to our “schools and its (sic) education leaders” due to a “growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the country.”

The NSBA adds that “these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes.” And just for good measure, the group, which holds symposiums that examine the best way to “ingrain equity into our culture moving forward,” also asserts that “critical race theory is not taught in public schools.”



China Joe 

By Jim Bratten – 10/25/21

Communist China is an existential threat that released an engineered bio-weapon on the world – the West, more specifically. But, the Biden Regime doesn’t seem overly upset. Now they have a hypersonic missile that can circle the earth and carry nuclear warheads… or biological weapons. Both versions are weapons of mass destruction, but the Biden Regime yawns and their White House spokesperson deflects with disinterest. “They’re our competitor, not our enemy.”

Biden’s nominee for general counsel at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) happens to be an ex-lawyer for Huawei, a Red Chinese telecommunications corporation that is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). And Joe just restored the relationship between Huawei, Communist China’s 5G Big Tech, and the U.S. – for government account access to build profiles.

A microchip is used in Communist Chinese-made devices for back-door entry into data systems of various sizes and purposes. Huawei is a major manufacturer of these “loaded” devices operating on 5G networks worldwide. This is part of the CCP’s surveillance plan for the U.S.; it’s precisely why President Trump pulled access to U.S. networks from Huawei and stopped them from…


Merchants of Death

By Ray DiLorenzo –October 24, 2021

“If we improve “reproductive health” (birth control, condoms, and access to abortion) as well as more ‘vaccines,’ we can lower the population by 10 to 15%.”—Bill Gates

We have seen, these many months, the government takeover of the narrative concerning COVID-19, its origin, treatment, and prevention. With the collaboration of conspirators around the world, the Democrat Party’s bagmen, toadies in the media, Big Tech, and the billions of our taxpayer dollars they have freely passed around to greedy and cooperative entities, they have been able to largely stifle any discussion or debate.

Never has a disease been so hyped, its remedies so politicized. An opportunity arose, whether by design or accident, that politicians refuse to let go of. It was an opportunity for power and control, and for the medical industry to reap billions in profit, further damaging our economy and the credibility of the entire medical establishment. Subsequently, many eminent scientists, physicians, nurses and advocates either have had their microphones disconnected, their positions stripped away, or they were relegated to being conspiracy theorists. As a result, Americans everywhere have been denied their right to a second opinion. But, truth always finds a way to rise to the top.


An Insider Expose: How Google Manipulates What You Search – 5 Things You Should Know About Its Secretive Disinformation and Biased Searches

by Craig Huey – 10/22/21

Google’s manipulation of what information you get on a search is well-documented, but you never know it’s happening to you.

For example, if you search for “Larry Elder”, everything negative appears in the first 10-20 pages before something positive is seen.

Of course few people look at search results past page one.

This is true for searching “inflation”, “Trump”, “masks”, “school choice” – any topic the results are not biased against Conservative, Libertarian, Christians, or Republicans. And only pro-socialist, Secular, pro-Democrat searches are served to you.

Here are five things you should know…


Wilder, Not Gentler: The Nation’s First Elected Black Governor vs. Terry McAuliffe

Democratic elder statesman Doug Wilder slams his own party and its nominee for taking black voters for granted.
The Virginia governor’s race has tightened. Democrat Terry McAuliffe, seeking a return to the office he held from 2013 to 2017, has only a 1.8 percentage-point lead in the RealClearPolitics average of all polls. As a quasi-incumbent, the fact that he hasn’t finished above 50 percent in any poll so far gives Republican Glenn Youngkin real hope that most voters don’t want the slick, former Clinton fundraiser back for an encore.

From Brighteon – Health Ranger REport from Mike Adams:  FDA endorses murderous vaccine ATROCITIES against children… God’s wrath will show no mercy – 10/27/21

From Stew Peters Show: Dr. Zelenko Drops ATOMIC BOMB: Where Did the Influenza Go?

– 10/26/21

From Liz Wheeler (formerly of OANN): Fauci the Mad Scientist | Ep. 6610/27/2021

From Health Impact News: JUSTICE DENIED! Supreme Court Again Upholds COVID Vaccine Mandates – US Veterans Prepare for War10/20/2021

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From Dinesh D’Souza: MTG Exposes the Wasteful Spenders in Congress for the Two-Faced Politicians They Are – 10/28/21 – Marjorie Taylor Greene contrasts the productive life of the ordinary citizen with the careless, wasteful, exploitative scoundrels in Congress who loot the people even as they pretend to care about them. 


American Minute by William J. FedererAmerican Minute for October 28The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on this day in 1886. Hear the prayer of the sculptor of the statue, Auguste Bartholdi..


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